This is the most beautiful snow – like Jilin tourism Sohu plants war

This is the most beautiful snow – like Jilin tourism Sohu is not only clean snow winter wind, and snow in the world. Pure white holy hands touch the snow this winter seems to be waved uninvited. No need to fall without a sigh this will come to the natural will go after the snow the Longtan mountain. Snow red. Riverside scenery. People in the snow. Changbai island map of wild duck. The snow white snow return. All this winter is not very cold, do not know the snow makes people to experience a feeling of season almost disappeared in the wake of the threshold of imperceptibly winter finally like it. It is easy to think of childhood memories and remember waiting for some distance about lonely scene, imagine a variety of patterns forgotten the frosted glass is this season’s background. Pedestrians hurrying the snow drifting profusely and disorderly patient expression of a winter’s footsteps in the distance. Oh wait this mu unusual street. Author: Hou Junming China Photographers Association membership network photography photography tour planning and training The teacher led instruction. Line China 13 years, almost all the footprints of the most beautiful scenery in china. Welcome to the photography travel!相关的主题文章: