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This season to stay in Xinjiang is a foregone conclusion, Zhou Qi when landing NBA and then into suspense – China news agency new network in Beijing on 21 September, at the end of the Houston rockets short training China basketball player Zhou Qi will return to the Xinjiang team, participate in the new season CBA league match, this also means that the concern of the Chinese "the devil" missed the NBA this season is a foregone conclusion. Since April this year, announced in the 2016 NBA draft, the 20 year old basketball star has become one of the most popular sports Chinese. At the time of the Beijing June 24th draft NBA, Zhou Qi in the forty-third round of the second round was selected by the Houston rockets. This is not an ideal ranking, but because Yao Ming had the Houston rockets has the special status in the Chinese mind, this result is also called to the satisfaction of all. Despite the media reports, Zhou Qi’s club in Xinjiang has been declared, if Zhou Qi in the first round of the election, the unconditional release, if the second round of the election, it will remain in Xinjiang. But there are a lot of people believe that the Xinjiang club has always been an open-minded attitude and the rockets and the Chinese side of the special relationship, as long as the Rockets want people, Zhou Qi this season to join NBA is not impossible. Unfortunately, then Zhou Qi state is superior and the draft if two people, in China basketball Olympic warm-up match to the dismal performance of criticized. The Rio Olympic Games, he averaged 19 minutes of playing time, embarrassing data is only 5.6 points and 1.2 rebounds, let alone the requirements of NBA and the gap is from the expectations of the fans are far from China. Nevertheless, the Rio Olympic Games after the end, Zhou Qi in an interview that he still wanted to join the NBA as soon as possible, said: even if not hit on the ball only over there than domestic training progress very much. To this end, Zhou Qi again in early September special training in the United States, the latest effort to join NBA. But in mid September, Xinjiang officials exposed has reached agreement with the Rockets, Zhou Qi will confirm the new season on behalf of the Xinjiang team continued to battle CBA. But the good news is that, in addition to the Rockets will have a physical division into the Xinjiang team training guide Zhou Qi, also will develop cooperation with the Xinjiang team training plan. The 20 day, Zhou Qi returned from the United States special training, will return to the Xinjiang team in Beijing after a brief stay in the "Kashi City Cup" basketball game with the Guangdong team and the Kazakhstan team, the Xinjiang team will be in an important warm-up match before the new season. For Zhou Qi, the new season CBA League will be crucial, not only have been 4 times runner up Xinjiang team can under his leadership for the first time in the championship has been looking forward to, more importantly, his performance and fear will decide when he can get even the Rockets contract. (end)相关的主题文章: