This season’s up! Fan Bingbing baby low-key tea makeup interpretation of the beauty of autumn mcncc

This season’s up! Fan Bingbing Baby low-key "tea makeup" interpretation of the beauty of autumn equinox lead: just after the weather has been gradually cooler, it is time for a warm autumn makeup "to resist the wind ~ this, Fan Ye and Angelababy fell in love with a low-key and reserved" tea makeup ", it is this season the IN’s" Liao Han weapon". (Editor: mimimi_) tea makeup Baby and Fan Bingbing even remove their favorite aura lips, what has changed their makeup style? Don’t look introverted seems more suitable for the fall of intellectual temperament, so ~ who can show the interpretation of "autumn makeup" charm? Fan Bingbing vs Angelababy Fan Bingbing natural wild eyebrow makeup collocation Fan Ye million years black long straight, showing the beauty of nature. Long curly eyelashes and black eyeliner outlines smart eyes, tea colored lips natural atmosphere, no lips like that can show the charm of a gentle woman. Angelababy angelababy baby side the wavy hair is enough to titillate the heartstrings, tea brown eye shadow to create a small smoky mist feeling makeup, bare pink lip understanding and not to lose the lovely little woman. In the end what is milk tea makeup? In fact, the makeup of tea had a deep sense of British style, in Europe and the United States has been very favored circle. Please immediately pony God to show you what is "tea makeup": Pony pony pony is used to create the European makeup skills to create a necessary upgrade version of "autumn tea makeup" for myself, it looks like being wrapped in the warm tea mellow toffee, sweet and delicious ~ pony pony a pink "tea makeup" seems to be more prominent small female feeling oh ~ European eyebrow makeup and 3D lip but cannot ignore a key makeup, to create a three-dimensional sense of Asian rare. If a drink named makeup, the makeup should be warm with a "Black Tea makeup": Pony collocation half meatball head and wine red nail polish, was not like ~ "tea makeup" is the year of Korean female owners essential makeup, such as the recent fire drama "Kong Xiaozhen:" the incarnation of jealousy envy the incarnation of Kong Xiaozhen’s drama is not only the guarantee of quality and fashionable vane, from fashion to makeup and hair styling without exception. As the weather forecast, in addition to most European hole appearance is a "tea makeup", a reporter in the male and rich handsome male two mutual envy each other up ", how wonderful ~ Kong Xiaozhen earth color highlights the affinity, aggressive zero makeup is more suitable for women in the workplace. There are many domestic stars also joined the ranks of tea beauty department: Angela Chang Angela Chang recently shot for a magazine in the large long chestnut hair and big eyes, reminiscent of the once fame "SD Doll" Angela Chang, but the makeup highlights is the "jelly lip cream". Zhao Liying, Sun Yi, and the new generation of the students of the University of.相关的主题文章: