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Three good superposition of nuclear plate 36 stocks showed a net inflow of large single Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you falls – Wu Shan told reporters yesterday, the nuclear power sector strong rise, the overall increase of nearly 2%, plate stocks collective movement of the Chinese nuclear construction Portland stone reloading, nuclear technology, Jiangsu supernatural 4 stock trading together, Jiuli (6.99%), (6.91%), flying shares of wal nuclear material (5.96%), Hangzhou high tech (5.49%) and other stocks also rose exceeded 5%. Capital flows, the "Securities Daily" market research center according to the display flush statistics, yesterday, a total of 36 nuclear power stocks showed a net inflow of large single trend, among them, 11 stocks of large single net inflows over 10 million yuan, the specific point of view, nuclear technology and nuclear Chinese built large single capital inflows exceeding 100 million yuan, respectively. 166 million 807 thousand and 800 yuan and 163 million 352 thousand and 200 yuan, large carbon (98 million 478 thousand yuan), Portland stone reload (87 million 336 thousand and 100 yuan), a China (61 million 156 thousand and 700 yuan) and other 3 stocks of large single net inflow of funds also were more than 60 million yuan, in addition, a large single net inflow of capital stocks over 10 million yuan include, Jiangsu Shentong (38 million 233 thousand and 100 yuan), TBEA (21 million 729 thousand and 100 yuan), Jiabao group (18 million 209 thousand and 700 yuan), Angang shares (15 million 708 thousand and 200 yuan), Jiuli (15 million 8 thousand and 700 yuan), environment (winfore 10 million 696 thousand yuan), and these 11 stocks accumulated large single capital inflows amounted to 696 million 715 thousand and 400 yuan. In this regard, analysts pointed out that the nuclear power sector is highly active and closely related to the recent positive factors. First of all, China’s overseas nuclear power projects welcome a major turnaround. In September 15th the British government announced the approval of Hinkley point nuclear power projects, and that will take a series of measures to enhance the security level of the project. The industry generally believe that this is a major breakthrough in China’s nuclear power in the past 20 years to achieve a major breakthrough. The construction of the China Guangdong nuclear power will not only participate in Hinkley point C nuclear power project, will also participate in the construction of two nuclear power projects in the UK, which gives China foreign investment and technology of nuclear power output to the developed countries, opened a huge welcome door. The British decided to clear Chinese by Hinckley angle into the field of nuclear power projects in Britain, on the other hand also means that in the future, including Chinese funded foreign investment into UK critical infrastructure areas to comply with the provisions of the new investment. Secondly, brewing 8 years, the nuclear power management regulations promulgated nearly. According to the State Council Legislative Affairs Office website news, the national development and Reform Commission, Energy Bureau drafted the nuclear power management regulations (Draft) from September 19th for public comment. The draft stipulates that the construction of nuclear power plants need to organize social stability risk assessment, the siting of nuclear power plants should be taken to demonstrate, hearings, publicity or other ways to solicit public opinion. On the nuclear power planning, site selection, investment and construction of nuclear power in China相关的主题文章: