Tibet Changdu City investors favored the fair suction gold 910 million yuan – Beijing minmi

Tibet Changdu City investors favored the "fair" suction gold 910 million yuan – Beijing people of Changdu ethnic costumes in the promotion of stunning debut. Changdu photo Beijing September 7 Xiamen Xinhua (reporter Chen Yue) the nineteenth session of the China international investment and Trade Fair (referred to as "fair") 8 will be opened in Xiamen, and came to Xiamen to attend the meeting in Tibet of Changdu City, 7 days ahead of the stunning debut, by the Fujian enterprise favor. On the 7 day of investment promotion meeting, Changdu signed a strategic framework agreement 7, total investment of 910 million yuan. The reporter understands, the date of signing the agreement, both with the development of the ecological tourism resources in Changdu tourism project "Banda grassland ecological agriculture and animal husbandry industrialization Park and Ranwu Lake Tourism Development Project", but also the use of development resources of Changdu yak yak meat, hair products, as well as real estate, City Road Reconstruction etc. project. Deputy Secretary of the Changdu municipal Party committee Zhou Qingsong in promotion conference, Changdu has a long history and splendid culture, is the birthplace of Kangba culture. Changdu’s comprehensive transportation system is gradually improving; all kinds of resources are rich, the potential is huge, the tourism resources are unique, the landscape is infinite. Zhou Qingsong said that Changdu will continue to improve infrastructure conditions, further promote decentralization, to create a pro business, pro business, wealthy businessmen, investment environment. Changdu Vice Mayor Zhao Ming also introduced, Changdu in the tax, financial policies, corporate employment, household registration policies and other aspects of the preferential policies for investors. On the signing of the project from the registration, approval of the project to start construction, completion and acceptance of all aspects of the procedures, the relevant departments of Changdu will actively track the whole docking, the implementation of one-stop, full-service." Attended the day of the promotion of a Fujian entrepreneur Mr. Wang said, Changdu resources and Fujian have their own characteristics, complementary advantages, he believes in Changdu can find new business opportunities. According to reports, the "fair", Changdu will also launch image exhibition. Then, in addition to the overall image of Changdu exhibition, investment policies and famous merchandise display, including dance and King Gelsall of Changdu culture, costume culture unique to Changdu culture will also attract visitors to the eye. (end)相关的主题文章: