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Travel-and-Leisure A sanctum amidst lovely mountainous scenery, Tirupati entices a great number of pilgrims daily. An adobe to Lord Venkateswara, this city makes worth visiting to .prehend great Hindu cultures & religiousness. Placed in the foothills of world"s second oldest rock mountains "Tirumala", Tirupati, is most famous and sacred place in India. The sanctum is home land of many renowned temples, but the temple of Lord Venkateswara is cynosure of all the visitors in the city. Pilgrims and devotees all over the world .e for Tirupati Darshan, and experience the rare divinity. Along with Inundation of religion tales and spiritualism, the immortal place enjoys the prerogative of having the richest temple in the world. Geographically, Tirupati is consists of seven hills and one of them is Venkatari, on which the holy shrine of Lord Vishnu is situated. It"s therefore people started calling it Venkateswara. Despite all religion tales there is no vivid story on the origin of the temple of Lord Venkateswara. Devotees .e for Tirupati darshan and donate large amount of precious metals gold and silver which redounds to make it the richest temple in the world. And there is an interesting saga that makes pilgrims to donate huge amount of gold and silver "" It is said that once Lord Vishnu took a loan of whopping amount from the God of wealth "Kubera". According to the contract Venkateswara would have to pay the interest through the kalyuga (last era). So, devotees are succoring the Lord in clearing off his loan and interest by offering gold and wealth. Some other popular temples in Tirupati include Shri Kodandaramswami, Sri Anupurana, Sri Bedi Anjayenaswami, Sri Vedyanaraynaswami, Papavinasam Teertham and Aakashganga Teertham. Popular lake "Swami Pushkarni" is also a seeing worthy site. Devotes keep visiting the place throughout the year, but keeping in mind the climate conditions and temperature of the region, November-March is best time for Tirupati darshan. Thousands of devotees visit the temple each day. Most of the hotels in the city fall under the category of three stars and budget hotels. Without having the label of five stars, the Tirupati hotels offer all modern amenities and services like wi fi internet connectivity, swimming pool and health club etc. at the price of three stars hotel. Gopikrishna hotel, Ramee Guestline hotel and Fortune Kences hotel are some renowned Tirupati hotels. Now Tirupati online booking have made Tirupati darshan very convenient and hassle free visit. Several tour agencies throughout India offer package deals for Tirupati darshan, which simply means that planning your tour is not a hassle anymore. There has been an airport nearby the city, which has regular flights from Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai etc. You can catch trains from Delhi or Mumbai to reach Tirupati. However, considering the factors like convenience and time-saving, the first option seems more feasible. Chennai is another good option to land at, when you"re .ing here from far-distanced regions. Additionally, Chennai itself is a lovely tourist spot, which can add more fascinations to your trip. Since an immensely large number of pilgrims visit Tirupati daily, you better .e here with advance booking of ac.modation and transfers. Searching online, you can find a deal to match your needs and budget. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: