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To study the wave heating   Guangdong Macao school students most beauty Inga education original title: studying spree Guangdong students most beauty Inga Australian elite   Guangdong students love to go? As a supplement to China’s education, in recent years, the upsurge of studying abroad gradually warming, and high fever. According to the Ministry of education statistics, in 2015 the number of students studying abroad for the first time exceeded 500 thousand people, reaching up to 523 thousand and 700. At the same time, China has become the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada and other countries of the world’s largest international students. Industry experts predict that in 2016 the number of Chinese students will continue to grow, this study abroad is expected to continue for several years. Many parents in the planning of children studying abroad, they preferred for domestic and international high school (high school or international class). At present, there are about more than and 30 high schools in Guangzhou to hold international classes, of which there are more than more than and 10 large. The day before, reporters on the 17 Guangzhou international high school (high school or international class) nearly 5 years of more than 5 thousand foreign university admission data for statistical analysis, to see who is the most popular foreign university Guangdong parents. In this survey, reporters selected samples from China Normal University High School International Department, Guangdong experimental high school international division and International Foundation Center, the majority of high school international division, Guangdong Biguiyuan school, Huamei school, Huanggang middle school, Guangzhou Zhixin middle school, high school, British School of ULC Union International NCPA, International Department, teachets smiling 86 in Guangzhou, 6 in Guangzhou, Guangzhou foreign language school, Guangzhou Xiangjiang middle school, Guangzhou 1, Alcanta International Foundation, Kennedy Cambridge international high school international high school. The school provided, official website, admission good news channels such as statistics. Selected sample time from 2012~2016 (part of the school only one or two graduates. The survey reporter from the school to obtain a sample of 5008 (here refers to the admission time, a student may be admitted to a number of foreign universities). Analysis of 5008 admissions data from Guangzhou international high school shows that there are more than 490 foreign universities enrolled students in Guangdong. Trends: school enrollment increased from nearly 5 years in Guangzhou international high school enrollment data in the 5008, you can also see the following trends. From the international high school itself, on the one hand, the number of students in Guangzhou international high school in the past 5 years, the number of foreign universities to apply for a sharp increase each year. Before 2012, the number of Guangzhou international high school is not much, only high school international department, China Division established Huamei, ULC Union international high school, most of the private schools are held. 2012 ~2013 years, Guangzhou ordinary high school organized international class craze, overnight, a lot of new forces. These new international high school graduates from 2015 began to usher in the past two years, the rapid increase in the number of applications for foreign universities. On the other hand, the school has a long history of international high school, the last three years, the rate of enrollment has been rising, highlighting the advantages. In the International Department of the Chinese middle school teachers as an example, the 2014 session of the 71 graduates received overseas university admission notice)相关的主题文章: