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UnCategorized Here is my description of the top ten defenses in the NFL. This season looks to be a roller coaster and a lot of teams will have trouble staying on top of this list. This was written after week three so things may change from now to later in the season. 10. Arizona Cardinals: They have some of the sickest safeties in the league. We’re talking Adrian Wilson and Antrel Rolle. The corners are not bad either. I mean they got Rodgers Cromartie as well as other consistent players. They would be higher on this list but their run defense is suspect. I haven’t heard of any of their linebackers or defensive lineman. And I’m sure you haven’t either. They are allowing 100 yards per game rushing which is not bad but they have played San Fran, Miami, and Washington. So not the toughest foes just yet. 9. Green Bay Packers: They would also be much higher if they hadn’t just lost Al Harris for a couple games. They have a great secondary and just couldn’t keep it together against a great Cowboys offense last weekend. They gave up 48 points against the Lions, .e on it’s the Lions. They fired their coach this past week cause he’s so horrible. They may be a playoff team but that is partly because of their offense. 8. N.Y. Giants: Here is a team with tons of big name lineman and linebackers. Plus that is without Michael Strahan. Can I just say Daaang! They are holding teams to 84 yards per game rushing and 167 through the air. Not bad week in and week out. They blitz hard and they seem to get like 6 to 8 sacks a game. Their secondary keeps opponents in check and doesn’t get beat deep. 7. Philadelphia Eagles: Solid defense all around. Yes they gave up 40 plus against the Cowboys. But that is a stellar offense on that Dallas team. It was literally the two best teams going at it, but I digress. They have been holding their other opponents scoring to a minimum and will dominate throughout the year. Held Pittsburgh to six points and St. Louis to three! As Borat once said "Very Nice!" 6. Tennesee Titans: As hard as it to not talk about the offense, I will attempt it. Well, their defense is going to be on the field a lot longer which will lead to more teams scoring on them once they get tired. They are in the top ten because they have done all right so far. However maintaining this will take a miracle. Good luck Titans! 5. Dallas Cowboys: This team I would like to put higher but everyone above of them is just outrageous on defense. They have a stellar backfield now with Pac Man Jones and Terrence Newman. Linebackers like Zach Thomas and Demarcus Ware make up a vicious pass and run stopping team. 4. Buffalo Bills: With Donte Whitner at Strong Safety and other all around players on D these Bills keep shutting down opponents. They also have Marcus Shroud at Defensive Tackle, that guy can play! They could stay at the top of their division if they keep playing like this. Out with the old(New England) in with the new(Bills). Who knows we could get a repeat of the Cowboys Bills Super Bowls. 3. Minnesota Vikings: Holding teams to 70.3 rushing yards per game, that is second best in the league. On top of that their pass defense is ridiculously good. They have Darren Sharper at Safety and Antoine Winfield and Cedric Griffin for Corners. Their defensive line is the one Coaches drool over. If they can get their offense clicking that would benefit their defense so they have some time to sip some Gatorade and cool off. 2. Pittsburgh Steelers: I can’t remember a time in my lifetime where they weren’t amazing on defense. They might have trouble keeping it together though this season as Casey Hampton and Brett Keisel of the defensive line are out for the season. 1. Baltimore Ravens: Wow. Maybe I should stop right there. They are holding their opponents to 70 yards per game on the ground and 90 yards through the dark sky their foe must be seeing. Yes I know what your all thinking, why didn’t I get them on my fantasy team, well I’m in the same boat but lets move on. Now yes you could say they only played 2 opponents thus far. But still, the Browns and Bengals are struggling, but they still have threats on offense like Chad Johnson that were contained by the Ravens. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: