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Touch your ears and answer the phone? This smart wristband so you have to watch movie addiction agents love friends all know, when the protagonist calls, usually turned up his collar, the collar may have a special device, the protagonist through the collar can contact the companion. In reality, you may also experience a new way to answer the phone. Imagine, when you’re riding over a telephone, you don’t have to hurry to stop looking for mobile phone, only need to touch your ears, you can answer the phone. This is not more cool (Zhuang) Hyun (BI)? This is not a fantasy, a smart watch strap may be able to achieve your desire. According to the verge and other foreign media reports, recently, South Korea is committed to the application of human organs to act as an interactive interface startups Innomdle Lab design and development of a new wearable device, called sgnl. Wearing sgnl wristbands, put your finger on the ear along, will be able to receive the sound signal to other devices via Bluetooth, that is to say, your "finger" is equivalent to a telephone. (of course, you also need to click the button on the watchband.) Sgnl diagram when when you ride, calls you at the flick of a watch strap on the button, then the fingertips touch the ears, can pick up the telephone, but also eliminates the need to stop over packet out of mobile phone. In addition, even in a noisy environment, such as a bar, you can listen to the phone. Because your fingers not only answer the phone, but also block the noise around.   also, don’t worry, the contents of the phone cannot be heard by others, because the sound only reached your ears, so whether it is in the conference room or in the elevator, do not have to worry about being overheard the phone content. Not only that, by downloading sgnl related applications, it is also able to monitor your movement, as well as who you talk to the longest time.   smart watch strap so cool, it is how to do it? First of all, Sgnl is the voice signal received from the mobile phone via bluetooth. When the speech signal is received, the Sgnl will vibrate through a "BCU" (Body Conduction Unit), which is then passed through your fingertips to your ear. This BCU contains two kinds of Technology: an actuator component, it can produce relatively low transmission power of the vibration of the body; there is a audio algorithm, it can selectively amplify the speech signal, and adjusting the wavelength. (photo: the verge) when you put the finger into your ear, your ears in the closed space makes the vibration transfer to create enough noise. The sgnl is arranged in a watch strap can be transformed into special sound vibration signal equipment, and the bone conduction way in humans, so people can through the ear to listen to the signal, because it is to pass through the vibration.相关的主题文章: