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Train travel brings to mind old movies and the romance of travel. In the days when it was not that important when you arrived at your destination. Now there is the new class of train travel where you can go from London to Paris travelling at 186 mph or 300 km. There is a vast amount of rail lines all through the UK and Europe which are connected, some of them able to take the high speed trains. When travelling between countries in Europe it is sometimes quicker to go by train than to travel by airplane. As the stations are in urban areas and give the passenger quick access to the stations,they also have many modern conveniences that rival airports. There are numerous places to purchase food as well as newsagents my favourite memory is the fantastic tasting crepes at the Frankfurt Railway station in Frankfurt. We stayed nearby and it was quite convenient to buy food there I bought a crepe every time I walked past. One of the advantages of train travel is the time saved not only from the stations being in urban areas but the numerous boarding points in each carriage which enables the trains to be boarded more quickly. There are also less weather related problems than air travel. So while your on the very quick trip across the English Channel contemplate what Paris has to offer. France is perhaps the most popular travel destination in the world. Not so strange with all the exceptional attractions the country has to offer. In Paris the magical monuments, splendid cathedrals and unique museums will keep you busy for days. Each region of the country is intriguing and varied. Like the beautiful castles of the Loire Valley the savory smells of the Provinces and the French Riviera where the sun always seems to shine. In France you can enjoy the finer things in life from the renowned cuisine to the world class art. Top ten attractions in France Tour de France Join the 15 million spectators that line up every year to see the worlds biggest cycling race held since 1903. In the hours before the riders pass, a carnival atmosphere prevails. Taste wine in Bordeaux A tasting tour of the greatest vineyards in the world is a great experience. The hardest part may be spitting the wine out instead of swallowing it. Palace of Versailles This incredible palace was built to awe the whole of Europe and was home to French royalty. The most famous room is the 236-foot Hall of Mirrors. Louvre Museum The Louvre is one of the world largest museums and houses a collections of up to 208,500 works of art. Dont miss the world-famous Mona Lisa and Venus of Milo. Corsica A mountain in the sea Corsica is also called Island of beauty. The diversity of its scenery makes it one of the pearls of the Mediterranean. Eiffel Tower The symbol of Paris was not supposed to be permanent at all. Erected by Gustave-Alexandre Eiffel for the Universal Exhibition of 1889 it was supposed to be pulled down a few years later, but the Parisians loved it and so it was turned into a radio signaling station. Carcassonne From afar Carcassonne looks like a fairytale walled city. This medieval fortified city almost has not changed over the centuries and is truly breathtaking. Especially when it is lit up after dark. Bastille Day Every year on July 14th the French celebrate the storming of the Bastille in 1789 with incredible fireworks and parades. Quatorze juillet was the start of the French Revolution. The Gorges of Verdon These Gorges in the Provinces are Europes answer to the Grand Canyon. This spectacular 250 meter deep 21 kilometer long V shaped gorge was incised into the limestone by the River Verdon. Monet Giverny Home and Garden These gardens strikingly painted by Monet are magnificent all year long. The Japanese Bridge and Lily Pond seem virtually unchanged since Monet time. Train Travel Tips Purchase your ticket before arriving in Europe as it is cheaper. Your ticket can be purchased up to 6 months in advance. The ticket is non transferable. Youth discount is for 25 years and under. Britrail and Francerail has senior citizen discounts. International destinations, high speed trains and night journeys require reservations. 1st Class has reclining seats, fewer seats per carriage, it is more quiet as they accomodate more adults and business travellers, often include a meal and have more luggage room. About the Author: Ray Schaefer enjoys travelling. he has travelled to Europe as well as the UK, USA, Mexico, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Visit Ray’s web site for more travel tips at: Article Published On: – UnCategorized – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: