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Interior-Decorating When many homeowners think of siding, they usually picture classic materials such as wood and vinyl. Most people dont realize that the world of siding is, in fact, constantly evolving. Thanks to the development and introduction of new siding materials, many .panies are now able to offer their customers a number of innovative options, two of which have recently grown quite a bit in popularity. The first of these trendy new materials is HardiPlank, a synthetic material that falls under the fiber cement siding category. According to Ruben Jeruco of Jeruco Exteriors, the appeal of HardiPlank is that it offers a wood-like look that is fresh but classic at the same time. While many customers turn their backs on wood because of the hefty maintenance involved, HardiPlank provides the appealing look of wood without the hassle. Unlike wood, HardiPlank wont rot or distort over time. It is also extremely easy to paint and .es with plenty of fancy trim options for a more customize look. HardiPlank is so popular that as a result, more and more customers with larger budgets are choosing it over stone and stucco. On the other hand, since HardiPlank is one of the more expensive options available in todays siding market, it falls out of reach for plenty of homeowners with limited home improvement budgets. The second recent trend in siding materials is Cedar Impressions, a high-end vinyl product that offers the timeless look of cedar without the pesky maintenance. Modeled after cedar shake, Cedar Impressions actually feel like real wood but offer the added benefits of durability and wind resistance. Just as importantly, Cedar Impressions provide insulation, a feature that can save the homeowner a significant amount of money on heating and cooling bills over the course of the year. Similar to HardiPlank, Cedar Impressions .e with a considerable price tag, so unfortunately, they simply arent for everybody. However, those that do choose Cedar Impressions for their homes will end up with a siding material that is both practical and aesthetically-pleasing. Of course, the fact that HardiPlank and Cedar Impressions are on the up and up should not make homeowners feel .pelled to choose these options. When it .es to style, sometimes its best for a customer to simply go with the picture he already had in his mind rather than try to convince himself to follow the more recent masses. At the end of the day, when it .es to siding, plain old vinyl is still a viable option for a great majority of homeowners, and with pricing being what it is, customers can rest assured that vinyl wont be going out of style any time soon. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: