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Trillion real or heavily into the stock market ten Market Outlook: Sina Finance blog App live on-line blogger on a guiding team you earn take can make you my Sina Financial News Monday morning during the holidays you warm the impact of the news, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city opener, the three major stock index opened sharply higher, after the opening of stock index concussion high, the strong performance of the gem, opening to go up more than 2%, stand on the 2200 point. Near midday stock index rose more than 1%. Afternoon opening, the two cities to maintain high volatility trend. The disk, stocks are active, stocks showed up more or less pattern, two city more than 2 thousand stocks gains across the board, the volume enlarged significantly. Anmin: tomorrow to sell the first does not matter, anyway, here we wait for the market signal. There is no signal, it is only to do a light warehouse. With the signal, it’s not the same. Stock market regulation: civilian let the stock market ushered in the golden opportunity after the first trading day, technology stocks rose, volume index to break the long-term trend line, everything looks so perfect, once the breakthrough of the continuous conduction effect can effectively make money. Li Hai: up and sold to buy today to buy a small gap in Shenzhen, maybe tomorrow will be the turn of some blue chip Shanghai gap. Anyway, we do not shock the city, chasing the high, not be dry, steady. Yu Yuetong: how about the market opener? Next, the upside would not have been so fierce, Puzhang after will enter the market differentiation, it is time to open their eyes to the stock. Wang Zi: to lighten up when behind may rise in volume, a lot of people rushed in, others do not say is wrong, and I just contrarian trading conflict behind my principle is rose sold, rose shop. Old music: the market positive turn signal to date of closing, 32 trading days the market has dropped 135, a daily average of only 4.21 points, to adjust the way this slow so that the market still maintained a good running rhythm, so there is reason to believe that the national day after the big wheel is expected to usher in a wave of rising again. Zhang Chunlin: incremental "line from He Fangsheng to rush to the rescue on the market today the biggest bright spot in the gem index, the index has been fully add to the September 12th upward gap, and stand on the average system in short form, was stronger than the motherboard index, can be regarded as the future market trend. Empty void: tomorrow also needs a strong combination of 9.22 9.23 if two K line pressure, and the case of today’s form, tomorrow will need a candle to open. Huarong: fourth quarter chances? The market today: opener; the next trading day feeling: small rises and falls; short-term operation plan: if the volume will continue to enlarge the. Wu2198: real money into the stock market or trillion if these funds can have some diversion of the stock market, the market will be conducive to brewing a new band rally. Therefore, as long as the current investors were observed in 2638 and 2780 connections can trend is intact. &nbs theory相关的主题文章: