Health Mahendra Kumar Trivedi (commonly known as Mr. Guruji) is the founder of the non-profit organization The Trivedi Foundation"" and the for-profit organization Trivedi Master Wellness"". He has dedicated his life to facilitate the validity of science merged with consciousness by establishing a new scientific paradigm based on his ability to transmit an unknown energy through his thoughts, anywhere in the world. This energy has the ability to transform living organisms and non-living materials by changing the very structure of the atom, and thus its abilities extend beyond humans to plants, animals, microbes, metals, ceramics, polymers and other materials. The results of this energy is called The Trivedi Effect, and has been tested, measured, and validated in over 4,000 scientific studies which have led to several peer-reviewed, journal publications. The results that Mahendra Trivedi achieved in the field of agriculture is nothing short of amazing. Scientists assessed the abilities of the Trivedi Effect on over 40 varieties of plants, trees and crops. The treated varieties showed DNA polymorphism, or genetic alteration, up to 69% and the energy was found to completely eradicate disease in many fruit and vegetable crops, including the spongy tissue malady that has been plaguing Alphonso mangos. The yield of crops was increased up to 500% without the use of any pesticides, fungicides and fertilizer. All experiments and publications can be viewed on the Trivedi Science"" website at .trivediscience… Experiments were conducted by renowned agriculture institutions in India and the U.S., showing drastic improvement in the characteristics, morphology, immunity, yield, production, fresh weight, shelf-life, nutritional value and overall quality of the varieties of seeds, plants and crops including annual crops such as cow-pea, chick pea, mustard, groundnuts, and horse-gram, and the two perennial trees: cashew nut and mango. Not only did the energy transmission transform the crop, but its effect also impacted the soil and the second generation of seedlings. During this day and age, agricultural production has be.e heavily dependent upon pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers, and other supplements. The Trivedi Effect was able to restore these plants and crops to their natural blueprint and improve the quality and quantity of production without the use of these toxic chemicals. In cash crops like Ginseng, this energy was able to produce a significantly higher monetary in.e for farmers by increasing the value of the crop by up to $90,000 per acre crop. In other words, when you utilize this energy, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Mahendra Trivedi has opened up numerous opportunities for agriculture with results that have left the scientific .munity dumbfounded and in a state of awe. By testing the effects of this energy on plants, animals, microbes, and non-living materials like ceramics, polymers and metals, Mahendra Trivedi was able to rule out the placebo effect, supporting the testimonials of many who have received benefits from the Trivedi Effect. In addition to the scientific research, thousands of individuals have reported drastic improvements in their lives, including an increase in mental peace, calmness, clarity, and focus; reduced anxiety, stress, fear from the future, chronic fatigue and chronic pain; deeper and more refreshing sleep; increased libido and greater sexual enjoyment and performance; relief from psychosomatic disorders, ADD, ADHD depression and manic depression; emotional and psychological balance, better interpersonal relationships, occupational satisfaction, better business, financial abundance and happiness in life, all thanks to the energy transmissions from Mahendra Trivedi and his wife, Dahryn Trivedi. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: