Trump became president! Apple Cook staff said do not worry dataload

Trump became president! Apple Cook staff said: we do not worry, according to foreign media reports, the new president of the United States was elected president of the United States led to a shock in the technology sector, Trump. In order to appease the people, apple CEO Tim Cook sent a memo to the company, and to appease the staff do not worry about the election results. Apple Cook: don’t worry (picture from cnBeta) Cook explained in the memorandum of the company’s next plan, in order to smooth the emotions of employees, let us unite to meet the future. After that part of the employee’s anxiety, Cook appease the team said, "apple is a very open enterprise, we reward in the United States and global team diversity, rather than depending on a person’s appearance, from where, who, what love and worship. It is understood that during the election campaign, Trump constantly repeated its controversial views of the race, women, LGBTQ groups, and this is clearly contrary to the diverse cultural inclusion of Apple’s efforts to fight. In addition to political leanings, Trump has threatened to force apple to move the product back to the United states. Some analysts have said, not so fast". Some people even think that, Trump said that sentence is just "election language", it is a mouth. In fact, as early as in the era of Jobs, President of the United States, Apple has raised the question of whether the production line moved back to the United States, when Jobs’s response is not enough skilled workers and the cost is too high".相关的主题文章: