Tsinghua museum was accused of a number of errors in English, said the lack of proofreading errors-beef怎么读�

Tsinghua museum is now refers to multiple English errors caused by lack of proofreading dinner in English wrong above "supper" was written by "super", the correction results of September 16th, the netizen posted net posts, Tsinghua University Art Museum "dialogue · Finch" Exhibition on the introduction of · Finch chronology the English translation there are 10 mistakes. September 18th afternoon, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter at the Museum of art, Tsinghua University, users pointed out that the English translation errors have been corrected. Zou Xin, deputy director of Tsinghua University Art Museum of BMC reporter said, this error occurs because there is no proof of English translation, the museum closed on September 17th, there is a mistake in the translation English changed. According to reports, the museum has sent an invitation to the post of friends, will be awarded the title of honorary members. Found that the English translation of the Tsinghua Museum of art is now a number of errors, said the user, in September 15th, he went to the Tsinghua University art museum visit dialogue · Finch special exhibition. During the visit, it was found that the introduction of · Finch’s 47 year old experience, his Chinese introduction as "the age of 47. Leave Milan." The panels on the corresponding English translation is "47 years old He leaved from Milan." but in English, leaved refers to the "leaves", while the expression of "the past leave" English words should be left. In addition, the user believes that the 47 years old leaved from Milan. in the middle there should be punctuation, to the age of 47 and leave Milan District separate. The users found in the introduction of · chronology of Finch’s life, English error more than one: about · 46 year old Finch said: "the exhibition experience, 46 years old. Complete the "Last Supper", the English translation is "46 years old. The Last super was finished." and "super" in English is the meaning of "super", "supper English vocabulary is dinner", the translation of a few letters "p". At about · 51 year old Finch boards, Chinese said "(· Finch) Florence government commissioned the creation of" an accepted Letizia in battle "." The English translated as "Hereceivedthe commit of Battle of Anghiari." the netizen said, Hereceivedthe should be three words, namely He received the, and English panels on the translation of the three words together. BYD reporter noted that the users in the article on the chronology of the English translation of temporal, spelling, punctuation, collocation of a total of 10 questions, and said "I hope that the museum can correct the error". Multiple site translation errors have been modified on the afternoon of September 18th,.相关的主题文章: