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UnCategorized There are more than 30 million registered web domains in the big world of internet. A bulk of these names comes from .com, .net and .org registrations. With so many registered domain names over the internet, it is becoming increasingly hard to get a decent name. A good expired domain name is a big necessity for your expired domain name business. The name that you choose must be credible and commercial enough for your future success. A relevant and practical expired domain name will tell your prospective buyer that it makes sense to buy your domain. However, with so many extensions, which one are you buying for your customer? Top level domains are getting scarcer day by day and those expired domain names with a .com or .biz extension are also getting fewer day by day. Though .com expired domain names are the most common names in expired domain name industry, other extension names are also becoming famous day by day. However, .com expired-domain names carry a number of benefits over a conventional .biz or .net name. Dot com expired domain name is instantly recognizable by almost all people in the world, while a .biz or .net extension is still in the second place as far as their commercial appeal is concerned. In the current scenario, buying a .com expired domain name seems to make sense to you. Most of the famous browsers still consider them as the de facto standard names. For example, just type example1 into most browsers without entering . or .com. The result is that you will end up invariably at .example1..! For sometime, .. extension names will be the preferred flavor and preferred standard for all expired domain names. Though .biz is be.ing well known as a preferred domain name for a number of businesses, it may take some more time for ordinary people to accept it as a good alternative. The reasons are very obvious; .. expired domain names are perhaps the oldest domain names apart from their extended usage. The average rate of return for a .. expired domain names is much more than a .biz name; under normal circumstances, the average selling price of a .biz name could be just $30 while a .. name could be climb steeply to more than $500. Dot . expired domain names offer you another unique advantage. It offers you a unique selection of very good to average names in a broad price range. You can pick and choose your own domain name at a price that is most suitable to you. Dot . names also offer you a number of other benefits like easy transferability and transactions with least hassles. As of now, a dot . name provides you a bright business opportunity followed by a dot biz name. However, the latest trend in internet domain registrations is witnessing a fresh scenario of people shifting over to country specific domain name extensions. It is estimated that these domain names are expected to trade for very higher prices in the future, as the demand for a dot . name .es down in a steep manner. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: