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Jewelry-Diamonds Not all couples opt for a diamond engagement ring. Although some find objectionable the idea of the latent conflict with diamonds, others are concerned about their finances or economy & for some, the choice comes more from a personal taste. When you select an engagement ring without diamonds, there are many different options. First, let’s talk about the engagement ring with gems. There is an enormous assortment of semiprecious stones that are ideal for engagement rings. Common offerings include emeralds, sapphires, (do not forget that luminary Nicole Richie had a exquisite pink sapphire engagement ring), Ruby or Tanzanite. Other options involve garnet, topaz, amethyst, aquamarine, citrine, opal, & even pearls. Excluding opals & pearls, which don’t need extra care when performing daily activities, all engagement rings with precious stones are strong enough to last a lifetime. If in doubt, think of all the existing rings with semiprecious stones & settings that are still in perfect conditions after fifty to one hundred years. Colorful gemstones allow visually appealing designs which are liked by women who particularly adore colourful rings. Gems can also be chosen for their distinctive meaning, qualities, & the months to which they’re assigned. From the standpoint of love, some gems have more appropiate symbolism than others. It’s said that rubies foster love & open the heart of the holder. Aquamarines can provide you a perspective on things filled with love to handle difficult situations. Tanzanite opens the heart & raises the spirit. The pearls are said to be great for creativity, & topaz, to minimise the concerns & mood swings. Sapphires will bring you mental clarity. While some couples choose a birthstone & precious stone, others may choose to use the stone for the month in which they committed, or the month that they plan to marry. When choosing a gemstone, it’s still important to check the stone’s quality. Is it flawed? How is the cut, color, & how many carats does it have? If you’ve an unconventionally active lifestyle or if you do heavy work, it’d be wise to visit your jewellery seller and tell him about this situation at the time of purchase. Some gemstones are more appropriate than others in these scenarios. Second, there are other options like Celtic Engagement Rings, braided engagement rings, & other types of rings as cashmere engagement rings. Engagement Rings with Celtic designs can be ideal for couples seeking a deeper symbolism. The different knots, spirals, lines & crosses, all have distinctive meanings & show the individuals professions of love. An engagement ring doesn’t need to include a diamond. Many engaged couples prefer to explore the symbolism of various gemstones, designs & knots to craft an engagement ring that’ll be as exceptional as their commitment of love. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: