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UnCategorized If you were asked to name the most .mon warm weather infirmity that is treated at urgent care clinics, chances are that sunburn would be the overwhelming answer. However, there are two or three other health problems that are just as .mon, and usually are more serious. Warmer temperatures and longer days send us out and about to enjoy camping trips, family cookouts, swimming, amusement parks, beach .bing, hiking, and a host of other activities. Without fail, every year we expose ourselves to more germs, push our bodies a little harder, and partake in activities that may result in mishaps that leave us in pain. Urgent Care Centers can get you back in the summer fun as fast as possible, but remember the old adage, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." You are definitely better off avoiding these .mon summertime illnesses and injuries in the first place. Asthma attacks Those who suffer with chronic asthma live under the threat of an impending asthma attack at any time. However, they also realize that there are certain conditions that can make attacks more likely, and if you can be aware of those conditions or triggers, you can decrease your chances of an attack, or decrease the severity of an attack. In the spring and summer you can expect higher levels of pollen and air pollution, which .bines with high humidity to create conditions that may trigger asthma attacks more easily than when it’s cool outside. It is important to pay attention to those reports. Air quality conditions are usually reported in the local weather forecast, and like most everything else today, there are a number of cell phone apps that can keep you informed. Wherever your plans may take you, make a note as to the location of the nearest urgent care center that can have you or your child breathing easy. Swimmer’s ear It makes no difference where you swim; in a lake, a manmade pool, or in the ocean, nearly everyone enjoys a cooling dip when the temperatures start to rise. .petitive swimmers spend a tremendous amount of time in the water during the warm weather season. Swimming is an activity that provides a good time for everyone but a case of "swimmer’s ear" can ruin the fun. Your ears are designed to channel water out of the outer ear canal, but constant immersion from swimming or diving can create a pressure imbalance in which pockets of water can be.e trapped in the ear. Bacteria thrive in the warm and wet environment, so if you were swimming in a pool that’s not treated properly, or that hosts a lot of microorganisms, your ear canal can be.e the perfect breeding ground for these germs. Although this may not be as serious as it sounds, swimmer’s ear needs to be addressed. It is most often cleared up with some special ear drops that are available at any urgent care center. Food poisoning Nothing says that the warm weather has arrived more than breaking out the grill and outdoor cookouts. Inviting friends and family over for food and drinks is the makings of a classic summer evening. Hopefully, you and your friends are responsible cooks. Food must be properly handled in the warmer weather, especially when it .es to uncooked animal products. These days, most packaged meet has handling instructions on the package. Be sure to follow those instructions closely. Keep the meat cool until you cook it, and once you cook it make sure it is prepared at a high enough temperature to kill bacteria. Make sure all your meat is cooked .pletely done. If you suffer with the symptoms of food poisoning, get in to the nearest urgent care center as soon as possible. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: