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Legal Subsequent to .bing the depths of immigration law many Thailand/USA couples .e across the K-1 Fiancee Visa. A visa created to let a fiancee enter the US for marriage, the K1 has be.e a popular immigration choice for many in the area of us family immigration. After marriage, the parties may attempt to adjust status and thus get a Green Card for the Thai Fiancee turned Spouse. Americans seeking a K-1 Visa for a Thai often be.e frustrated because the process can be .plicated. Hopefully this piece will shed some light on the subject. K1 Visa Petition: Form I-129fe The I-129f petition is the petition used to apply for a K1 Visa with USCIS (formerly known as US Immigration). This application demands routine information about both the American and Thai Fiancee Visa beneficiary. Under a law called the International Marriage Brokers Regulation Act, a US Citizen who has applied for multiple K-1 Visas in the past is ineligible to petition for another K-1 Visa. This restriction can be waived, but advice of a .petent Immigration Attorney is advisable when seeking an Immigration waiver. The Fiancée Visa Interview at the US Embassy in Bangkok A major hurdle when applying for a US Fiancée Visa is the visa interview at the US Embassy in Bangkok. Although consular officers are not looking to confound a Thai visa applicant, they are required to perform due diligence in order to ascertain if a visa seeker is truly in a bona fide relationship with a US Citizen. Evidence of a bona fide relationship between a Thai fiancé and a US Citizen includes: pictures, phone records, boarding passes proving that the Thai/American couple has met in the past 2 years, email records, and anything else that proves the existence of an ongoing relationship. Thai Fiancée enters the US at an Immigration port of entry The final step for bringing a Thai fiancée to the US is the Immigration check point in America. Generally this is a formality and the Thai fiancée will be stamped into the country without incident. However, it should be remembered that US Immigration officials have the authority to turn anyone away at the border, so a Thai fiancée ought to be mannerly and provide any information asked for by the consular officers. For any questions or concerns regarding the K1 Visa process or other Immigration Issues it is always advisable to seek advice from a .petent licensed attorney. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: