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Health Cosmetic dentistry can generate the most white and bright smile that we all long for. Dental veneers help create such a smile with wonderfully aligned teeth which are very regular. Another dental process that once can use for cosmetic reasons is home teeth whitening which will produce a white smile for teeth which were slightly discolored. The slightly transparent quality of ceramic veneers today gives a near appearance of natural teeth that you were born with when compared to what imitations you used to get some years ago. In other words, they are shells of ceramic that closely resemble your real teeth and when put around the problem tooth which might have been chipped, cracked, have a damaged enamel, be irregularly placed or spaced. So no matter what the problem is, these ceramic shells manage to successfully eliminate the problem. If your teeth enamel has been worn out, veneers can be a good solution. Enamel is the thin white stuff that covers your teeth; over time it gets damaged and stained. This stained and damaged enamel may be a result of your genes. At the same time the stained, chipped or cracked teeth you might have may be due to your style of living. Drinking tea, coffee or soft drinks and smoking or chewing on tobacco could create such problems. Then again cosmetic dentistry that uses these ceramic shells can also help restore teeth that are naturally getting bad. As we grow older, the teeth grow weaker. Older teeth are more prone to chip, crack or appear irregular. Or one could be born with an abnormal spacing between the teeth which I’m sorry to say gets larger as the person advances in age. Quite a few people who are bent on making use of veneers to hide their teeth defects may be amazed when their cosmetic expert suggests the less complicated choice of teeth whitening. This occurs mostly when discoloration is the only problem with the patient’s teeth. Home teeth whitening might be a great option for teeth that are slightly discolored. Actually home teeth whitening using gels recommended by a cosmetic dentistry expert is said to produce some of the best long lasting effects, perhaps more so because it takes a longer period of time for the effects to show. You may also choose from the several over the counter whitening products which you can try out at home. Whichever way you choose, home teeth whitening is a safe method so long as you go along with the directions provided by your cosmetic dentistry expert or which you can read from the product label. In spite of all this, if you still experience bluntness, irregularity or discoloration of teeth, veneers are your best bet. They also provide you with the added advantage of being more durable and boosting your smile thereby lighting up your whole face. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: