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VMA vertical Martha climbing the world’s only League TianJin Railway Station water tower – Sports Sohu October 15th VMA vertical Martha alliance now for TianJin Railway Station!   the only water tower of clear water, blue sky, white clouds on earth, each other. Pavilion style tower, parabolic circular tower, flying saucer type tower, round square tower mast… Tianjin… The total height of 415.2 meters, the tower rises straight up into the sky, among the world’s forest, therefore is also known as the "Tower of Tianjin citizens". Tianjin TV Tower is Chinese third tower, the Oriental Pearl TV tower next to the 600 meter high Guangzhou TV Tower, 467.9 meters high. In particular, the Tianjin TV tower stands in Tianta lake, is the world’s only one water tower".   Tianjin TV Tower and the surrounding beautiful scenery by the world known as "Tianta spin cloud", was also named the first ten tianjin! Just imagine, boarded Tianjin TV Tower 52 sightseeing hall, feeling hot and fresh air and reach the blue sky… Is carefree and comfortable..!   October 15th, boarded Tianjin TV Tower "commanding"! Through 25 years, I and Tianta corotational cloud! Tianjin TV Tower was founded in October 1991, has been down for 25 years. This October, VMA   vertical alliance to Martha in a special way to celebrate the Tianjin tower. Through 25 years, I and Tianta corotational cloud! VMA vertical alliance Martha TianJin Railway Station will with a wonderful game, huge bonuses and professional sports spirit as the TV Tower in Tianjin ushered in the twenty-fifth birthday. The Tianjin tower and grow together, through 25 years of groundless talk to you now? In October 15th, the vertical marathon master have gathered in Tianjin for this young tower, eager for a fight of the tower to inject new vitality and new opportunities. The athletes sweat, volunteers to assist their diligent, encouraging such a loud cheer, Tianjin tower, you have not seen! With ordinary tourists as high as in the tower ran back to try to experience this initial stimulation!   event information time: 8:30 October 15th morning at the Tianjin TV Tower (Tianjin City, Hexi District Wei Jin Road No. 1) height: 52 layer, 230 meters, 1336 steps of registration information registration time: September 18th ~10 month 10 days event registration number: 600 channels: 1 website: 2 WeChat service number VMA vertical Martha Alliance (ID:vmalliance) registered club member registration 1 Ø in Vgo (online) on the complete information, complete the membership registration, membership and access to the "Vgo" status; Ø Ø free membership registration fee; membership registration, self.相关的主题文章: