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  (), a summer vacation with her parents, travel channel this summer vacation, Li Ziwei (left) and her mother arrived at their own route. Standing in front of the landmark building in Saint Louis, in the Mercedes Benz passing through the moment, Li Ziwei’s father in the camera for them to record the happy moments. Li Ziwei and her mom and Dad took a photo in front of a fountain in Yellowstone National Park. This is the first photo of Li Ziwei in the United States and the photo of father and mother, parents close on both sides surrounded by lovely Li Ziwei. As a photographer’s father finally appeared in front of the camera. The students went to the country to study, for them, it is the farthest away from the time, and also the family were the longest time. Parents came abroad to visit them, then filled the students can not go home and the regret of the missing family. My parents came to visit   my heart warm Li Ziwei just graduated from the University of Indiana Bloomington, now in the United States are ready to apply for graduate students. She said: "this summer, my parents came to visit us again. I just graduated." She needs to concentrate on preparing for the postgraduate examination this summer, learning pressure, so there is no time and energy to return home. So the parents decided to fly to see her. "Parents accompany me after-graduation trip, and the time to add up to more than a month." Li Ziwei said. The starting point of this graduation trip is her school, the end of Losangeles, through the large and small cities. Have parents accompany graduation trip, less sad, more warmth. Is currently studying at the University of Oregon in the United States can Wei Qu. When she was just a freshman, catch up with the Spring Festival, taking advantage of this rare holiday, parents in the Spring Festival holiday on the basis of more than a period of time to visit her. Add up and the time has been two months can Wei Qu and parents stayed together. "I was really happy when I knew my parents were coming. Because a person living in the United States, all things to worry about their own." Can the Wei Qu said. Parents came to the United States to help her better take care of life, and usually as long as they are free, they will be a family of three cars around. "Those two months have been very fulfilling." Can the Wei Qu said. The mother said: "can Wei Qu still not assured of my daughter’s learning environment, living environment, hope to see how to rent a house in the United States, the daughter of Oregon environment. In addition, I miss my daughter very much, so I chose to fly to see her." Students will miss their parents abroad. In the same way, parents actually miss the children who go to school abroad. My parents are becoming more and more independent. "I was so sad when they flew back to their home country after their parents graduated." Li Ziwei said. Because of the visa, she can only go to the airport to send them back home, but can not go back with their parents. "Mom and dad came to see me this time." Li Ziwei said, "in fact"相关的主题文章: