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What kind of clothes to wear after the fall – the mother and child in the fall of Sohu is a variable temperature season, sooner or later, the temperature difference, wear more heat, wear less cool. Every day seems to consider what to wear suitable to today, fickle autumn temperatures are always unpredictable, so you have caught a cold. For a pregnant woman fall child is a good time, the cool autumn weather, postpartum confinement are hot irritable mood. After birth, pregnant women activities more freedom, in the face of this autumn, autumn after delivery to the question, what kind of clothes to wear for just after the production of the mother? During pregnancy and postpartum female body to protect the pregnancy to the fetus, postpartum to prevent burn down the root cause. Pay attention to the texture of the clothing: pregnant as soon as possible after the selection of cotton cloth clothes, so postpartum. Women’s clothing to choose cotton, linen, wool, silk, feather and other products is appropriate, because these natural materials are soft and comfortable, breathable, moisture absorption, warm. Underwear underwear is suitable for wearing cotton fabric with strong water absorption. Some fabrics are easy to draw the skin is best not to choose. The clothes should be large: postpartum mothers do not rush to bra, corset, not to help restore the body. This dress is not conducive to blood flow, especially breast compression is easy to suffer from mastitis. Therefore, maternal clothing should be generous, to be able to move freely as well. Lactating women, do two chest can open cotton Nursing Shirt pockets ", is not only convenient for nursing, and civilized, beautiful, more important is the autumn winter season can make the mother from the cold, if coupled with a chest open two pocket sweater, it is more practical. Of course, if conditions permit, it is best not to breastfeed outdoors. Clothes to frequently change, often wash, Qin Sun: postpartum mother’s clothing must be able to wear the sun after sterilization, otherwise easy to cause illness. Maternal postpartum sweating, The new supersedes the old. exuberant, milk overflow with clothes, drying clothes hard scratch nipple, plus continuous lochia discharge from the vagina, often dirty underwear, even with clothes, can easily cause bacterial reproduction, cause a variety of infections, maternal and child health hazards. Recommended postpartum more clothes, clothes to wear the sun. Shoes should be soft: pregnant women during pregnancy can not wear high heels, so as not to accidentally fall, postpartum is the case, as far as possible to wear. The yard to choose soft cloth shoes for good, not wearing hard soled shoes, but should not wear high-heeled shoes, in case the day after the foot, heel pain or abdominal pain. Pregnant women cannot walk barefoot, in order to avoid foot cold, especially in autumn. Wearing the right bra: in order to facilitate breastfeeding, some mothers choose not to wear a bra, in fact, this is wrong. Postpartum mothers do not wear a bra is not a scientific approach. First of all, for the baby’s health, mothers must maintain breast hygiene, secondly, lactation breast filling than usual, wear a bra to support breast, otherwise it will make bilateral breast sagging, chest skin to lose its elasticity. Women in lactation should wear the appropriate window structure of the cotton suction bra on.相关的主题文章: