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What? The highest rate of pregnancy is not the day of ovulation! If there is anything worthy of my daughter in the Sohu in this good time to ponder, it is estimated that the problem of ovulation. And if there is something I have to think about today, that is – in the end of the day, or a high probability of ovulation before ovulation is relatively high?! Yes, sisters asked all the fine, does not meet the "ovulation intercourse high pregnant rate", to be specific to one day… VS day before ovulation on the day of ovulation VS one day after ovulation, in the end what day the best pregnancy AA? What is a good day before ovulation?! Is actually the day before ovulation! Stunned, right! The day before ovulation is relatively good, why? Related to the survival time of sperm egg and sperm "long journey". Sperm from the vagina, after heavy difficulty to reach the fallopian tube, it takes time! Strong sperm can only swim 4 minutes a minute or so, run a complete fallopian tube takes about 45 minutes, if you are not so strong sperm, you can run this courtship road will be about 3 days… You know, in general, sperm can survive for 48-72 hours, but the egg can only survive 12-24 hours. If you are AA on the day of ovulation, Mr. sperm and run a little slower, it is likely that the egg sister can not wait to leave… So, on the day before ovulation AA, let Mr. fine run a section, go to the other girl eggs may be easier to conceive, so. So, which one day with the chance of pregnancy? The day before the case here: > > on the day of ovulation; ovulation; day after ovulation, of course, it is important to note that the above is just the general case, in fact to consider each case of sperm and eggs. How to find the day before ovulation? You said that the day of ovulation may also be relatively easy to find the day before how to find ah? Actually… Looking for ovulation almost the same day, looking for ovulation is not always the kind of feeling: ovulation!". You can then arrange the room. For example, see the ovulation test ovulation prediction began to deepen; such as the day before, see the basal body temperature and a drop of seemingly; such as thin, translucent, leucorrhoea become clear, also increased the amount of your menstrual cycle; such as good law, the direct look at the software that the day prior to the day of ovulation is; Oh, and B Ultrasound monitoring… We can combine a variety of ways to feel the search for… If there is a better way, welcome to share ~ thanks to force the hundred words actually in the message area! The chance of pregnancy is relative, overall, 1-2 days before and after ovulation pregnancy rates are relatively large ~ don’t tangle stubbornly find relatively high that day, because Yezhen is relatively high… Maybe for some sperm and egg girl is Mr. (such as strong), high is not high many ~ relax ~ (the most important statement: the source network, the number of public good pregnancy who stared at the original, reproduced please indicate the source)相关的主题文章: