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When mentioning the car, the test fee do not spend! Sohu – car again today to visit brother onions, what to look at the recent hot issues! PDI pre-sale testing PDI in order to ensure the safety of the user and the original performance of the factory before the test to prove that, in general, when the new car dealers will take the initiative to do PDI. Each brand is not the same as the PDI test items, but generally includes the vehicle outside, inside, the engine room, the use of electrical equipment testing and road test, etc.. The original onion brother wrote last week, called the new PDI detection process, interested buddies can browse to view this paper also investigated several green brother phone brands, basically the same conclusion, that the dealer must do PDI free, if there are dealers do not take the initiative to do PDI or charge, can to complain directly to the manufacturer: traffic accident the buddy ask onion brother three questions: 1, what is the scene of the accident? Generally refers to find the original scene of the traffic accident, such as vehicle rub, was not found, then forget where happened. After the accident, if not promptly take pictures of the scene and reported to the insurance, the insurance company can not completely simulate the scene, there may not be paid in full, even bought a non deductible, there may be failure. 2. What is a bicycle accident? The party responsible for the accident only one motor vehicle, no other vehicle or third party payment to the accident, the general bicycle rub against the wall, all belong to the bicycle accident. Take pictures to save the scene, promptly reported the risk, then the general situation will be paid in full (not to buy the case without compensation). 3, bought a non deductible, why insurance only compensate 70%? There are many insurance companies in the regulations: the emergence of both sides of the accident, the accident party to escape or find the perpetrators, in the corresponding insurance coverage, there is an absolute deductible. To ask a buddy the case, although can be found in the accident tricycle full responsibility, but after the escape, the police can not according to the scene of the accident liability, so the insurance company in accordance with the relevant regulations of the insurance, you can only pay 70%, and 30%, you need to own a pocket. So whether or not you are on this insurance regardless of the deductible, the third party to escape or find the responsible party, the insurance company will have an absolute deductible. In fact, there can not find the third party accident, can negotiate with the insurance company to report the loss of staff, bicycle accident claims, in accordance with the bicycle accident, of course, each insurance company’s situation is different, you know. Cold start all the vehicles in the start, the engine idle speed will rise, this is a normal phenomenon. When the car starts, each part of the vehicle is lower than the normal operating temperature, in order to make the parts as soon as possible to achieve the working state, the engine needs more air intake and fuel injection, so the speed will rise. General high speed for 1~2 minutes will be restored to standard idle, but by the vehicle, vehicle use time!相关的主题文章: