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When the North wets selling pork into business selling pork again resigned from the civil service in September 19, 2016, many years ago to "the butcher" famous Lu Buxuan, appeared in Guangzhou Dongshan vegetable market pork stalls, the blade is still good. Reporter Zhong Ruijun Nandu photo July 2003, a "Changan Street" North wets butcher reports, the world famous Lu Buxuan had almost incognito between night, "North butcher" label, he hung on for thirteen years. Yesterday, Lu Buxuan appeared again in Guangzhou Dongshan meat market, this time his identity has changed. He used to be a civil servant, decided to shut down his pork shop to write in their own local chronicles; know the fate of the season, but officially resigned his 12 years as a civil servant, to go into business. Such a life experience can not help but want to ask, why? "Or I thought too far away from the original, and many of my wishes, and ultimately can not be achieved." He smoked a cigarette and said so slowly. I talk about life before the rest of my life are passive while the sea, Lu Buxuan and even the "film" (name card) didn’t prepare a. A meeting, a greeting, Nandu reporter handed his name card, Lu Buxuan hands over, feel shy to say, "sorry, I have this movie." "You are so famous, for so many years did not give yourself a card?" No." He received his card in his bag and thought, "it was because the contrast was too big I don’t know how to write this film." Peking University butcher, the label on the Lu Buxuan body hanging thirteen years, he would like to? "I actually started with the label." Lu Buxuan said this, the tone is very straight, later, slowly numb." Lu Buxuan is a shy person, from his remarkable. Although he has received numerous media interviews, but if the time is abundant, he still likes to follow the chronological order, the first half of his life experience from scratch, slowly speak again. 1989, Lu Buxuan graduated from Beijing university. "I could have been in a state organ in Beijing," but it was finally assigned to a close to bankrupt machinery plant in his hometown. "I went to the factory to report in the morning and left in the afternoon." The resume let him well into the County Economic Commission, stem from the work as a secretary to the leadership, but he stayed in the office. In 1993, Lu Buxuan chose the sea. He used the "blind toss" to sum up the period of infinite chaos. "There is a blind touch, there is no market research, there is no network, is to rush to do." After drilling holes, engage in decoration, engage in dance halls, shops and a series of actions, Lu Buxuan nothing, he even learned to play mahjong, gambling. The first half of my life are pushed by the passive life, and never made any choice on their own initiative." This series of actions of his own limited capital toss up. Pork by selling pork earned 2 million Lu Buxuan said he chose to sell相关的主题文章: