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Rong | who is Xiamen’s first report? Sohu eat and drink to see this banner, the heart of the first reading was like "Xiamen first" which is? Good gimmick, the real feast case or, again playing a new trick, report the name at the wing, with a playful, and a. The shop lights with dense black lines of business style, decoration, and a bit of mystery, the main Xiamen dishes, so there are many elements of the old Xiamen store. The soup can Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil, Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil strictly speaking not Xiamen cuisine, but the introduction of Xiamen and popular should also have twenty years ago, the roadside street Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil, most of the taste is good, but the soup is always filled with a layer of oil, and Rong Xiansen Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil, but claims to be able to drink soup. The soup still looks quite white, originally thought that is not spicy, but drank, spicy and full of stamina. To add a surface line, just right, boiled fish a large, two or three people just eat. The bamboo frozen soil, a 4, the crystal clear visible inside the bamboo shoots frozen soil. Fried oyster cake, which is a more authentic Xiamen flavor, oyster cake fried crisp, what is most important is that you really have full of oyster! Xiamen Griddle Cake, on the table has been wrapped, each volume was very large, eat a stomach that is stopped for. The fruit is Vegetable Salad, love this, especially with mango sauce, the taste of fruits and vegetables have been brought up, after the hardcore Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil, a copy of this is a good choice. In shrimp tofu, tofu is very smooth, icy entrance. Soy? Spring buds, bamboo shoots cut into strips on the table, I remember the first under stirring, otherwise easy to stick pan, fresh crisp bamboo shoots. Satay Gai Lan? Angus beef, beef Angus this approach, personally think it is a waste of beef, of course is excellent, mixed with Gai Lan barbecue was also unique taste. Braised betel nut taro, taro soft, excellent rice. Thai dishes are all tubular juice? Do weller, a feast case with the old brother, in quality and innovation is also guaranteed, after eating, is also looking for Xiamen first? Different people, different views.! Tips: Name: consumer feast case report address: Rong Xianyue road Wanda Plaza相关的主题文章: