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Who is to delay the murderer? _ Sina Home Furnishing shortly before the service platform of consumer hotline received calls Ms. White said, home renovation facing serious delay problem. "The signing of the contract agreed upon in the 75 day period, yesterday has expired, but has not yet entered the kitchen cabinet." Ms. White said, through repeated communication with the foreman, from the other side of the statement, she felt faint, his cabinet did not seem to produce. Decoration is not completed, the delay is not just stay. According to Ms. Bai said that the renovation of the house is to grandson admission. This house and the grandson of the school was very close, originally planned to the end of July Bahrain, a month before the start of the taste, just to live in. Can choose the home improvement company has exceeded expectations, coupled with delays, leading directly to the school can not stay. Let the white lady can not understand is that other companies are in the period of 50 days, she had selected the company’s time than other parents, why would not be completed on schedule? The old house is generally longer than the new house renovation period is generally the same number of square meters of old houses than new houses for a long period of about 15-20 days." Surplus fruit decoration Engineer Hu Zengguang said that the old house demolition, the old door, wall and floor tiles, walls, ceiling, partition wall, light wall demolition, the demolition process takes about 7 days time. Next is the wall wall restoration, after the demolition, many red brick wall covered with sand ash after years of weathering after relaxation, this part also needs to be eradicated, until the appearance of red brick, cement mortar and the wall leveling leveling, takes about 3 days time, but must wait for cement mortar dry before scraping putty. Spring and autumn seasons need 3-5 days to be able to penetrate, but in winter and other low temperatures may require 7-10 days to dry. The old house is old house hydropower transformation items, facing the aging of the circuit and the replacement of large diameter wire, for line reconstruction of 3-5 days. This is the three part of the project is the biggest difference between the new house and the old room. In addition, Hu Zengguang pointed out that the length of duration also depends on the housing area, the project quantity and whether the project package of kitchen cabinets, furniture etc.. "With 90 square meters of the house as an example, including kitchen cabinets, wooden doors and other wood decoration packages, the duration is generally 50-60 days." He said. Ms. white house area of about 90 square meters, signed with the company Jiezhuang contract is the old house decoration packages, package includes design, construction, materials, but does not include furniture, the duration of the contract for 75 days, in contrast, has exceeded the industry average. The duration of the contract are limited text carefully read the contract decoration consumers should know that stipulated in the contract period for some construction engineering construction contractor for construction projects, some materials with cohesion. After the signing of the renovation contract, the contract decoration period has many limitations of the text. For example, the duration of the project is based on the most basic calculation, if consumers have additional requirements will increase the duration of the project, and the delay caused by the home improvement company is not responsible for. Insiders pointed out that consumers should carefully read the decoration before the renovation contract, a lot of the terms of the limitations of the text. The market launched a lot of short time.相关的主题文章: