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Health On a recent trip to the supermarket or the nearest drug store in New York, you might notice people entering the office with pain & sufferings and leaving with a sigh of relief on their faces, this place is none other than a walk-in clinic. In the last few years, these clinics have sprung up everywhere in the city offering their medical services from the walk in clinic NYC facility for various types of general illnesses from its convenient locations. This means that an individual seeking medical attention no longer has to spend long waiting hours and spend hefty sums on getting medical attention. In the section below, we discuss various aspects of a walk in clinic for the knowledge of every New Yorker 1. Like most other medical facilities available in the city, these clinics do not have long queues with prolonged waiting hours. Any person wishing to receive medical assistance may just walk in to these clinics and get treatments. 2. These clinics have extended opening hours with some operating even in weekends and holidays. This means that one no longer has to make the trips to the emergency room. 3. The dwindling economy in the United States demand cheaper primary medical care. Walk in clinics provide good primary medical care services at reasonable rates. They accept different types of insurances from its patients and even provide discounts to those who are uninsured. 4. A walk in clinic NYC facility has experienced and certified medical staff that is adept at handling different types of medical emergencies. The medical staff of a walk in clinic includes licensed physicians, nurses and medical assistants who provide personalized care to its patients. 5. Walk in clinics are useful in providing medical attention for .mon illnesses such as cold, flu, sinus infections, warts, bronchitis, urinary tract infection, allergies, minor injuries, burns, pink eye, sore throat, ringworms and intestinal infections. 6. Preventive care is another service provided at these clinics with tests being performed for blood cholesterol, diabetes, STD and cholesterol screening. Patients can also avail various diagnostic tests, annual examinations and pre-employment physical examinations at these clinics. 7. In some cases, the physicians at these clinics may refer a patient to a specialist. It is important to note that walk in clinics do not provide services for life threatening conditions and broken bones. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: