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Why did the United States become the source of the unrest in the world? Profit driven "chariot system" – Beijing in the last century the beginning of the cold war, the United States strategist George? Kennan used a word to the analysis of behavior characteristics of the Soviet Union at the time: a stop of the chariot, unless encountered strong resistance. Today, this sentence can also be applied to the United states. Over the years, the United States formed a perpetual motion type driving power of capital "monsters" and "chariot system", make its foreign expansion behavior has been stopped. This is reflected in the use of the United States, a hard one soft two tools continue to show hegemony, the hard side is military hegemony, the soft side of cultural hegemony. In recent years, the effectiveness of soft tools is greater than hard tools. "Military industrial complex" kidnapping of domestic and foreign affairs, the United States claims that its foreign policy has two criteria: Principles and interests. The so-called principle is to promote its so-called "universal value"". But in fact, this principle is a kind of rhetoric. Otherwise, it has been in line with its "universal values" that is, the so-called free market and free democracy in the 90s of the last century, Russia, why is still the United States mercilessly squeezed? And it is clear that the separatist forces in Russia have been supported by the United states. Thus, the real factors affecting U.S. foreign policy or its domestic system. The "military industrial complex", which represents a powerful interest group, kidnapped the American political system. The "military industrial complex" consists of military institutions, military industry, members of vested interests and scientific research institutions engaged in military strategic studies. Former US President Eisenhower in its when outgoing speech had warned that "the overall influence of military industrial complex" covering economic, political and other fields, the trend of the abuse of power phenomenon of the disastrous rise has been and will continue to exist. "Military industrial complex" is a modern version of the expansion of the United States, the United States itself is a product of colonial expansion. The two World War the United States is to enlarge the expanding nature of the opportunity to make the United States from the "new world" in the world after World War II and its expansion means more clever, not only have the naked military hegemony, cultural hegemony and intention to capture the hearts of the people. When the world is threatened by the United States, the United States itself is also a victim of its system. The proliferation of firearms led to the occurrence of more than a year of its domestic casualties more than one shot, is the outstanding performance. The United States Senate to vote on gun control, the result can not reach the absolute majority and not get through. The United States Constitution, only to reach 23 majority, to amend the relevant provisions of the constitution. Just think, which interests can make 23 absolute majority of the interests of political parties to reach a consensus? The absolute majority seems to have a lot of respect for democracy, but in fact it has become an obstacle to development. The United States is the most powerful oligarchs, the military industrial complex". "Military industrial complex" has been deeply embedded in the American social system, which is the fundamental driving force for the United States to expand outwards. After the end of the war, the interest groups on what to sustain it? No enemy, but also to find a new enemy, so as to get a steady stream of greater interests. Under the influence of this foreign policy driven by interest, the enemy of the United States more and more. )相关的主题文章: