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Computers-and-Technology Slowly but surely, cell phones have become an integral part of our lives. It is virtually impossible to avoid their use. This is the reason why alongside telecommunication industry, the phone refurbishing industry is also in a boom. So now you can easily get an iPhone screen replacement, an iPad repair, or any kind of fixing related to cell phones. However, one must not forget the negative effects it casts on human health. Apart from that it can also get life threatening when used at odd times, like while driving. This is the prominent reason why their usage while driving is banned in some parts of the world. Moreover, banning the usage of hands free is under way. It causes disorientation or general lack of focus which is why you are more prone to accidents when you use cell phones while driving. As the research proves, the disorientation span is around 10 minutes after the call ends. In one instance the use of handset for conversation was compared to the use of hands free. The former had caused no disorientation what so ever. Moreover talking without hands free didn’t have any interference with the driving abilities or didn’t even influence the concentration of the driver. Then again, cell phone usage seems to affect focus, and reaction time. It is not really clear why hands free sets tend to cast a negative influence on the driving skills of the driver. You can still be harmed from damaging sunrays when the handset is at a distance. An obvious reason for distraction is that your brain actually starts imagining the person not currently present which can result in the driver getting distracted. The fact is that still several people rely too much on their phones or other wireless computer systems. Even when you are not using these gadgets yourself, you will still get exposed to them no matter how hard you try to escape. The big question is how to protect you against this potential threat? Technically, finding answers is harder than you can imagine. Let us begin by saying; the answer to everything is a controlled diet. Making certain that you get loads of antioxidants in your diet is one way to keep away from environmental pollution including harmful rays from your handset. This approach always works. Things like dark chocolate, all sorts of berries especially acai and pomegranates are some great sources of antioxidants. Also, spending some time close to nature and away from places of constant usage of cell phones can probably help in balancing your body. To enhance the effect, you can place plants around your house. They offer perfect protection against those threatening rays. You can also spend some time in a desolate place where there is not much population. To date, these are some of the best ways to protect oneself from harmful effects of tech gadgets. However, there is ongoing research for finding out more ways to sustain the presence of these harmful radiations but in the meantime you can at least keep away from using hands free. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: