Why not attack Hun Han darouzhi busy expanding its territory and building nvidia geforce gt 740m

Why not attack Hun Han darouzhi: busy expanding its territory and building core tip: (145- before 130), building ongoing civil unrest, much of the land was the Sabbath Kingdom occupation, only local and millet Tettnang half summer. In the fight against the Huns and Wusun darouzhi, from the Yili River in Central Asia, first occupied the river area, forcing local Scythians South and summer rest. At about 140- before 130 years, darouzhi conquered Daxia, "Guishui North King court". Zhang Qian’s visit to the summer when (before 128), which is still in the Amu Darya north shore, Chen xia.   the statue of Zhang Qian data figure: surging news network, this paper from the author: Zheng Hao, the original title: Lin Meicun Zhang Qian’s two mission to the western regions, why take a different route? In September 3rd, Professor Lin Meicun of Peking University School of Archaeology and Museology was invited to the National Library of a pro ancient Museum gave a lecture entitled "the opening of the Silk Road" of the. The two time Zhang Qian mission to the western regions, the route? Before Zhang Qian western, Eastern and Western cultural exchange is mainly carried out by the Eurasian steppe. After Zhang Qian to the western regions, we are talking about the usual meaning of the "Silk Road" can be opened. Although this road is very famous, but for the specific route of Zhang Qian to the western regions, has no specific figure. Zhang Qian is Shaanxi province Hanzhoung Chenggu, his tomb is located in the west of Chenggu County in Shaanxi province 3 kilometers north of the town of Bowang Rao village. The tomb was covered bucket type, 170 meters north-south, east-west 80 meters, the cemetery center is a huge square mound, 20.6 meters long from north to south, east-west width of 16 meters, 2.3 meters high, the tomb of the Han Dynasty stone of a tiger. History does not record Zhang Qian’s early stories, except that he was a call when the identity for the "Lang", namely the palace. Yuanshuo six years (before 123), Zhang Qian to attack Hun meritorious service, dubbed the "Bowang hou". Sima Qian in the "historical records" of Zhang Qian to the western regions to a high degree of evaluation, called the "Zhang Qian chisel". In 1877, German geographer Richthofen proposed the term "Silk Road", and the Silk Road opened in 114 BC, the Zhang Qian mission to the western regions for the beginning of second. Zhang Qian to take what the traffic route, is the earliest silk road. Han Wudi Jianyuan three years (before 138), Zhang Qian led hundreds of people from Changan, to the western regions, hope the United darouzhi Ji hun. But on the way he was detained by the huns. King of the Huns and provides the excellent treatment for him, and let him marry. But Zhang Qian never forget their mission, escape after 13 years of prison life, West to the Fergana basin is located in the country tens of days to wan. The question is, where was Zhang Qian being held by the Huns? Lin Meicun believes that Zhang Qian was detained should place in the Tarim Basin, and Mongolia plateau. First of all, the "historical records" although recorded Zhang Qian and Chanyu dialogue, but does not mean that he is detained in the Mongolia plateau aul. The Huns Chanyu is divided into large and small in the big Chanyu, resident in the Mongolia plateau in the orhon River Basin, and the dialogue with Zhang Qian Khan should be stationed in the Tarim Basin and the Commandery (now Luntai) small chanyu. Secondly, small Chanyu told Zhang Qian.相关的主题文章: