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Health Anybody who’s ever had a bad experience with an unclean public restroom understands that when it comes to sanitation, the fewer unsanitary surfaces you have to come in contact with, the better. Most public bathrooms are used by literally hundreds of people on any given day, it’s absolutely shocking how few of them bother to properly wash their hands before leaving. Because of this, even the sanitation supplies provided in a public restroom could be unhygienic to use. Roller towel dispensers create quite a few problems. Aside from the fact that they are a huge expenditure of paper resources, many of them rely on some sort of lever or crank that must be turned by hand in order to dispense paper towels. This means more surface exposure between someone who has used the restroom without proper sanitation habits, and your bare hands. Of course, a lot of modern public restrooms have a house to go with paper towel dispensers which employ some sort of motion sensor to trigger activation, and will then dispense paper towels automatically. This solves some of the sanitation issues, but roller towel dispensers still have a high ecological cost, and also must be refilled every so often to keep from running out of paper towels. Not to mention the fact that use paper towels accumulate in trash cans, and become an unsanitary breeding ground for germs and disease in their own right. This trash has to be taken out at some point by employees of whoever owns the restroom, and that exposure puts them at risk as well. Motion-activated hot air hand dryers solve all of these issues. Not only do you never have to come in touch with any unsanitary surfaces, but these types of hand dryers are far more economical to use in the long term. They are able to dry hands just as quickly as paper towels, and there is a lot less chance of there being a big pile of used paper towels sitting in a trashcan somewhere nearby. They are a lot less likely to spread disease, and customers of your business will certainly appreciate your consideration for their sanitation and well-being. They are also far more economical to use in the long run. Although overall the towel dispenser might be cheaper to install upfront, you have to consider the thousands of paper towels you’ll be going through on a monthly basis. The only thing that a hot air hand dryer needs to operate is electricity, which makes it far cheaper from year to year. When you weigh the pros and cons of each device, it becomes clear that paper towels are a thing of the past for public restrooms, and that electric hand dryers are a vastly better option. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: