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With a xxPen is a business machine? TCL 950 business flagship experience – Sohu technology has been king. Speaking of the TCL brand, 90 after 00 may think this is a TV brand, may not know who is also TCL mobile phone manufacturers, mobile phone TCL on 2002 was one of the pioneers of the domestic mobile phone market share ranked 9.31%, with the domestic mobile phone ranked first, but then the story is much, the 2004 acquisition of TCL mobile phone Al Carter, fought in the international the market, which means Al Carter is a sub brand of TCL Mobile Corporation, 2013TCL return to the domestic market, but the domestic market millet such as a public Internet mobile phone began to force the traditional TCL "price" does not play effectively, a few years of hard work, has not yet been squeezed into the domestic mobile phone market before ten, lets me remember the Po at 20, has been able to eat? Perhaps this is the best interpretation of TCL950. TCL950 is completely abandon the price line, the main content of business, facing the high-end mobile phone market, "jiandanqinxin" copy revealed a thick feeling of taste, TCL950 hopes to move the domestic mobile phone market gap, reproduce the glory of the king, is WoXinChangDan, a fundamental solution, as a veteran of the mobile phone hardware manufacturers, I compare actual performance look forward to the TCL950. I am very fortunate to get the experience from the Sohu TCL950 quota, then follow me to experience this business flagship. Parameter configuration TCL950 machine configuration is more rational, not to the level of fever, as of now the strongest flagship product in the TCL mobile phone family. TCL 950 the connotation of business mobile phone configuration parameters list: from the configuration point of view, TCL950 equipped Xiaolong 820 processor, 4G ram, 64G of internal storage, 21 million pixel rear camera, front 8 million pixel camera, 3000mAh battery capacity, and support fast charging, high-end configuration. Although the appearance of read countless, but then TCL950 started, only with a stunning, perfect beauty to express. The first is design, TCL950 uses aviation aluminum metal body, the front panel uses 2.5D glass arc glass craft, the top of the screen has the honeycomb speaker openings, below the symmetrical position also have the honeycomb speaker openings, combines the dual speakers in appearance showed absolute symmetry. However, surprisingly, symmetrical design are also applied to the front panel is symmetrical, the rear panel adopts 2.5D glass arc of the same process, each point of view seems to be consistent. More amazing is the top of the fuselage, the bottom has a microphone, the same symmetrical design, that is to say TCL950 180° and answering the phone, it is with the appearance of auditory harmony with symmetry, as a Virgo, very excited, to enjoy. The left side of the fuselage is the power button, as well as the SIM card slot; the right is the volume button and… Amount… What is the following:相关的主题文章: