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Woman Luohe 7 years now bought a house shoe store opened. The trainee reporter Yao Xiaoxiao in the eyes of ordinary people, give people the shoe is very humble, many young people do not want to do, feel dirty and shameful. However, the woman Hou Xia from Harbin, who really knows how to shine shoes, has been working for seven years, never thought of giving up. Now, she realized his dream in Luohe, bought the house, and his shop. Not discouraged, business is getting better and better. In November 15th, the reporters came to a shopping mall near the intersection of traffic road and Binhe Road, and interviewed Hou Xia, a shoeshine girl. The 31 year old Hou Xia from Harbin, a typical northeast people forthright character, a standard northeast accent, hearty laughter is very infectious, surrounded by colleagues affectionately called her "A Xia"". No matter what job you have, you have to do it. I don’t think it’s good to shine shoes. One day I put my Tianle hehe, shoe as my dream." Hou Xia told reporters with a smile. When she first came to Luohe, there were fewer shoe shining people in the market, and many people couldn’t accept the shoe polish and shoeshine she sold. Although only a few pairs of shoes a day, but Hou Xia never discouraged. "I want to work well and live well. That’s my dream.". If you want to achieve, there is no other way, you must persist, adhere to." Hou Xia said, "I wipe shoes, but also dream."." Sometimes, curious customers use mobile phones to record the shoe shining and chatting video. "They think I’m full of northeast taste, especially fun, take my cell phone shot, say go home to see the children, I’m not angry. Later, they became my old customers, like friends." Hou Xiale said happily. It is because of such a hearty character, Hou Xia’s customers are increasing. Family support, drive in 2009, when the company sent Xialai Hou Luohe, her family is very supportive. At that time, Hou Xia’s child was only 2 years old, and her mother volunteered to help her take care of her children. "Otherwise, I’m not sure I’m going to be here." Hou Xia was grateful to his family. When I first came to Luohe, Hou Xia lived alone in a rented house, without a friend, even Henan dialect can not understand, the mood was very low. When I first came, they said, "big size", "not in the middle", I don’t know what meaning, food is not accustomed to, will miss the old home. However, fortunately, my personality is more cheerful, slowly in the market to know some friends, gradually familiar with the dialect and habits of Luohe. Now, I’m half a Luohe man." Hou Xia told reporters. When the weather is cold, the shoe shining customers are more, more than one day can wipe more than 100 pairs. "Every day when busy, arms and shoulders began to ache, this is the occupation disease. But I think my family supports me so much that I’m full of energy." Hou Xia said. Buy a house, work at ease, Hou Xia’s smile is very special, can infect people. With her, a lot of worries will vanish. "A Xia’s mentality is particularly good, always saying that life and work should be happy, angry at home can, but can not come out angry with customers.". That’s probably the secret of her happy day." Hou Xia’s colleague Ms. Wang said. Now, Hou Xia’s husband and children also came to Luohe, their family in the downtown Laoshan road to buy a house, home. The.

女子来漯河擦鞋七年 如今买了房开了店□文 图 见习记者 姚晓晓在一般人眼里,给别人擦鞋很卑微,很多年轻人不愿意干,觉得又脏又不体面。但是,来自哈尔滨的女子侯霞,认认真真擦鞋,一干就是七年,从来没想过放弃。如今,她实现了自己的梦想,在漯河买了房子安了家,还有了自己的修鞋店。不气馁,生意越来越好11月15日,记者来到交通路与滨河路交叉口附近一家商场,对擦鞋女孩侯霞进行了采访。今年31岁的侯霞来自哈尔滨,有典型东北人的豪爽性格,一口标准的东北口音,爽朗的笑声非常有感染力,周围的同事都亲切地称她“阿霞”。“不管啥工作,都得有人干。我觉得擦鞋也没啥。我一天天乐呵呵地,我就把擦鞋当成我的梦想。”侯霞笑着对记者说。最初来漯河的时候,在商场擦鞋的人比较少,很多市民对她卖的鞋油和擦鞋方式接受不了。尽管一天只能擦几双鞋子,可是侯霞从未气馁过。“我想工作好、生活好,这就是我的梦想。想实现,没有别的办法,就得执着、坚持。”侯霞说,“我擦的是鞋子,更是梦想。”有时,有好奇的顾客用手机录侯霞擦鞋和聊天的视频。“他们就觉得我满口东北味儿,特别好玩,就拿手机拍我,说回家给孩子看,我也不生气。后来,他们成了我的老顾客,像朋友一样。”侯霞乐呵呵地说。正是因为这样的爽朗性格,侯霞的顾客越来越多。家人支持,干劲十足2009年,当公司派侯霞来漯河时,家人都很支持她。当时,侯霞的孩子才2岁,婆婆主动帮她照顾孩子。“不然我一个人根本不放心来这里。”侯霞对家人心存感激。刚来漯河的时候,侯霞一个人住在租的房子里,没有一个朋友,连河南话也听不懂,心情曾经十分低落。“刚来的时候他们说的‘一般大’‘中不中’,我都不知道啥意思,饭菜也吃不惯,就老想家。不过,幸好我性格比较开朗,慢慢在商场认识了一些朋友,慢慢熟悉了漯河的方言和习惯。现在,我已经是半个漯河人了。”侯霞对记者说。天冷的时候,擦鞋的顾客就比较多,多的时候一天能擦一百多双。“每天忙完的时候,胳膊和肩膀就开始疼,这也算是职业病吧。但是,想想家人那么支持我,我就干劲十足。”侯霞说。买房安家,踏实工作侯霞的笑很特别,能感染人。跟她在一起,许多烦恼就会烟消云散。“阿霞心态特别好,总说生活和工作就应该开开心心,在家生气可以,但不能出来跟顾客生气。这可能就是她每天开心的秘诀吧。”侯霞的同事王女士说。现在,侯霞的丈夫和孩子也都来到了漯河,他们一家人在市区崂山路买了房子安了家。其中,买房的钱主要是侯霞擦鞋、卖鞋油挣的。与此同时,侯霞在商场一角有了自己的修鞋店。说起对未来的打算,侯霞笑了起来。“对未来的生活,我也没有想太多,就想一家人开开心心地在一起,认真做好自己擦鞋的工作。生活就是要踏实、开心。”侯霞说。在商场一角,侯霞认真地擦鞋,卖鞋油。相关的主题文章: