World Cup – stu break back injury of England 2-0 Ali wing Malta sports Sohu

World Cup – England back injury score wing stu Ali 2-0 Malta – Beijing sports Sohu on October 9th morning 0, Russia 2018 World Cup qualifiers for the second round of group F. At the new Wembley home court in London England " > gaoqingtu: Stewart Zhang gallop arm offering kisses Rooney back to Beijing on October 9th morning moon embarrassed cry 0, Russia 2018 World Cup qualifying group F to start the second round of competition. At the new Wembley Stadium in London home court of the England team in the absolute dominance of 22 shot to the case, the final 2-0 victory over the Malta team winning streak. Twenty-ninth minutes, Sturridge and Henderson received the ball header; thirty-eighth minutes, Henderson instigated, their second shot shot was blocked after Ali jiangong. But while Wei Bertrand opening only 19 minutes because of injury. Because Allardyce had bribes scandal after class, so the game is played by acting coach Southgate led. The two teams had 3 meetings, the England team won 8 goals conceded only 1 goals, but the last battle also dates back to June 2000. Before the three lions in the 50 world cup home court game only 2 negative record was good, which is a recent 0-1 defeat to Germany in October 2000. In addition to the England team since the October 2009 0-1 loss to the Ukraine team after nearly 12 World Cup game 8 wins, 4 unbeaten, and the last 5 games have 4 games zero closure opponents. Malta team nearly 11 international class a game of 3 draws and 8 losses, nearly 21 war is only a poor victory of the 1. The campaign, Rooney continued as captain started her club teammate lingard adult national team debut in. Opening the first half, the England team will firmly grasp the initiative, Malta is completely the formation back to defense, so the free kick pass from Henderson and Rooney did not constitute a substantial threat. Eighth minutes, Walker right horizontalknock, Walcott direct transition, Rooney attack on the edge of the area shot, Hoge closed the ball out on the side. After a shot the ball Lin Jiade towards the corner flag. Sixteenth minutes, the right side of the big restricted area barely shot threat. Then, Bertrand due to muscle injury forced to exit, Ross debut. The first 20 minutes, the England team ball control rate reached 75%. Twentieth minutes, Henderson midfielder right oblique accurate long pass, rely on Berg lingard plug foot hit the door did not play a positive part, the ball flew out of the bottom line. Immediately, Hendra sent pass again, Ali header goalkeeper Hoge wrecker, Sturidge on the right side of small angle shot hit the back foot again put the anti-aircraft artillery. Twenty-eighth minutes before Henderson on the cross, Malta two defenders didn’t jump, Sturidge in the 9 meters in the head top bomb the earth, the ball drill into the bottom right corner. England team 1-0 lead. Thirty-third minutes, England team missed break opportunities, then the xiechuan lingard Sturridge header, the ball was Hoge brave block. Immediately, Cahill’s shot will wipe the right column will be out. Thirty-eighth minutes, Ali pick Henderson pass in the middle of the road 10 meters right foot shot was blocked out of the Hoge相关的主题文章: