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World War II classic photos "the kiss" actress died at the age of 92 (2) – Sohu military channel page second: his son says she had been ill for a long time in August 14, 1945, the people of New York to the streets to celebrate the victory of World War II, Times Square, a sailor and a white nurse on celebrating the joy of Ping water, making them unable to restrain the emotions.? hold affectionate kiss, this scene is just a photographer and was captured in the United States? On the cover of life magazine, from the classic picture of widespread, and is regarded as the most romantic kiss of victory. In Santiago a girl kiss sailors and plastic like the high big earth stands on the side of the aircraft carrier. Photos of the actress is Rita – freeeman, her son Joshua said, mother 8 days in Virginia’s death. It is reported that the freeeman has long illness, but recently infected pneumonia, makes the condition worse, until finally died. Freeman was born in Austria in 1924 and was sent to the United States in 1938 with two younger sisters. Related news: World War II Classic victory kiss photo " " actress, wearing a white uniform nurse, Greta, has died at the age of 92. "The kiss" actress Greta Freedman 8 died, her son announced the news today. She will be buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Then recall the classic moment, she said he was ready, and the sailors clinging to him, just because of the war with the life-saving nurse grateful. In August 14, 1945, Japan officially surrendered in World War ii. The United States on Times Square, a sailor and nurse kissed. Watched the stranger be strangers to each other hugs and kisses, photographer Alfred took only 10 seconds? Eisenstadt captured four, recorded the moment. This photo is one of the most famous photos of the twentieth Century, it records the eternal collection of Carnival scene.相关的主题文章: