Xinhua comment the plight of the people in general secretary component – heart Sohu

Xinhua comment: how important component – the people’s livelihood sufferings in the hearts of the general secretary Ma Ruohu Sohu comments people in the hearts of the position of leading cadres, leading cadres decide how to position in the hearts of the people; the people of the leading cadres of the degree of trust and support, depends on the leading cadres to treat people the depth of feelings. Closer to people’s distance, serve the people wholeheartedly, leading cadres at all levels, fulfills qinliqinwei. In this regard, general secretary Xi Jinping set an example, set an example for leading cadres at all levels. Every year before the Spring Festival relatives, especially to the poor village to visit the difficult masses, is the general secretary of the heart of the people’s vivid portrayal. February 1, 2016 to 3, in Jiangxi during the investigation, Xi Jinping came to Jinggangshan City, Mao Ping Xiang Shen Shan Cun poor households Zhang Chengde home, ask what kinds of home, have what, living and what difficulties and needs. The general secretary said, "our country is the people is the master, including me, all the leading cadres are people’s duty."." To be a good service worker, we must always remember the sufferings of the people and put the people’s welfare into practice. Considering the effectiveness of the action, it is necessary to see whether the living standards of the masses have been improved. As Xi Jinping once stressed, our party members and cadres should have such a sense: as long as there is a one or even a person does not solve the basic problem, we cannot regard with equanimity; as long as people longing for a happy life has not become a reality, we have no slack unite and lead the masses to struggle together. It is the need for us to win the war against poverty and achieve the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way. Precision poverty alleviation is a key link in poverty alleviation, which tests the ability of leading cadres at all levels. Xi Jinping held an important speech on the central poverty alleviation and development conference held in 2015 on "who to support", "who will help" and "how to help". The party committees and governments at all levels must strengthen their confidence and courage to shoulder the responsibility of poverty alleviation and shoulder the task of poverty alleviation." Poverty, Xi Jinping always care. In 2015 he mentioned the development and poverty reduction forum keynote speech, "for over 40 years, I worked in Chinese County, city, province, central work, poverty has always been an important part of my work, I spend most," this year, I went to ten a poor region. To the villagers home, chat with them. I’m worried about their difficulties in their lives. I’m happy with every good thing they live". The deep expression of the general secretary reflects his simple feelings for the people, and highlights the importance of the people’s livelihood in the heart of the general secretary. The governance of the road, nothing is more important than the Min Min; the way is to examine its sufferings." To understand the living conditions and demands of the people on the spot and to express their sympathy to them is not only a close contact with the masses, but also a strong basis for more precise policy implementation, protection and improvement of people’s livelihood. To understand, must understand fully, rather; to sympathy, really need to, not false display of affection. Why can Xi Jinping get applause and cheer from the masses when he visits each other? Because everyone,.

新华网评:民生疾苦在总书记心中的分量-搜狐评论  马若虎   老百姓在领导干部心中的位置有多重要,决定了领导干部在老百姓心中的位置如何;老百姓对领导干部信任与支持的程度,取决于领导干部对待老百姓的感情深浅。拉近与老百姓的距离,全心全意为人民服务,要求各级领导干部躬身践行、亲力亲为。   在这方面,习近平总书记率先垂范,为各级领导干部树立了榜样。每年春节前的走亲戚,特别是深入到贫困村中看望慰问困难群众,是总书记心系人民的生动写照。2016年2月1日至3日,在江西调研考察期间,习近平来到井冈山市茅坪乡神山村贫困户张成德家中,问家里种了什么、养了什么,吃穿住行还有什么困难和需求。总书记说,“我们国家是人民当家作主,包括我在内,所有领导干部都是人民勤务员。”   当好勤务员,就要时时刻刻牢记民生疾苦,把增进人民福祉落实到具体行动上。而考量行动的成效,就要看群众的生活水平有没有得到提高。正如习近平曾经强调的,我们党员干部都要有这样一个意识:只要还有一家一户乃至一个人没有解决基本生活问题,我们就不能安之若素;只要群众对幸福生活的憧憬还没有变成现实,我们就要毫不懈怠团结带领群众一起奋斗。   团结一心、迎难而上,正是我们打赢脱贫攻坚战,实现全面建成小康社会的需要。精准扶贫,是脱贫攻坚的关键一环,考验着各级领导干部的能力。关于“扶持谁”、“谁来扶”、“怎么扶”,习近平在2015年召开的中央扶贫开发工作会议上发表重要讲话。“各级党委和政府必须坚定信心、勇于担当,把脱贫职责扛在肩上,把脱贫任务抓在手上。”   扶贫,始终为习近平挂怀。他在2015减贫与发展高层论坛的主旨演讲中提到,“40多年来,我先后在中国县、市、省、中央工作,扶贫始终是我工作的一个重要内容,我花的精力最多”,“这两年,我又去了十几个贫困地区,到乡亲们家中,同他们聊天。他们的生活存在困难,我感到揪心。他们生活每好一点,我都感到高兴”。总书记的深情表露,体现着他朴实的为民情怀,彰显出民生疾苦在总书记心中的分量。   “治理之道,莫要于安民;安民之道,在于察其疾苦。”实地了解老百姓的生活状况和诉求,向他们表示慰问,不仅是密切联系群众之举,更为精准施策、保障和改善民生提供了有力依据。要了解,必须了解得全面,不能走马观花;要慰问,必须实实在在,不能虚情假意。为什么习近平考察时每到一处,都能得到群众的掌声与喝彩?因为每一个人,都能感受到总书记的真诚。   “我们党是全心全意为人民服务的党,将继续大力支持老区发展,让乡亲们日子越过越好”,“在扶贫的路上,不能落下一个贫困家庭,丢下一个贫困群众”……习近平的话温暖着神山村的百姓,诠释了领导干部应有的责任担当。相关的主题文章: