Xinjiang 54 year old chicken Crazy to pet chicken named norton disk doctor

Xinjiang 54 year old "chicken." to "pet" chicken named – the new network for Wei Lianfen and her "pet" "treasure chicken balls" talk. Geng Dandan pictured as Wei Lianfen’s pet chicken and her cat together. Wei Lianfen photo Beijing, Jimsar, November 1 (Geng Dandan Hayes to) "treasure balls", 54 year old Wei Lianfen a cry, a shiny coat chicken "is" a word in a coop came from. Wei Lianfen told reporters: "I call this" treasure chicken egg ", it is my child." In a small hillside street in Xinjiang County, Changji Prefecture, Jimsar Zhen Quan Zi, Wei Lianfen wrapped a piece of land, raising thousands of Beijing Chicken in Soya Sauce. Different from other farmers, Wei Lianfen raised a group of pet chicken. Because the house is sick, want to buy chicken stew, but found it difficult to find reassuring chicken, but the Urumqi market is very large, then think of doing farming." Speaking of the reasons for the original chicken, Wei Lianfen said. Wei Lianfen told reporters, after investigation, she finally decided to breed Xinjiang no Beijing Chicken in Soya Sauce. "The first chicken quality is good, the strong market competitiveness, and the varieties of chicken originated in the Qing Dynasty, belonging to the Queen’s palace". In 2012, Wei Lianfen, who was in Urumqi, rented a piece of land in the town of Jimsar, and began stocking her chickens in the mountains. At first, she just wanted to sell chickens. Wei Lianfen said: "I would especially love small animal, have a period of time of chicken, chicken and found many animal, is also human nature, will be with you telepathically." Wei Lianfen raised the "treasure balls" is one of A. She told reporters, "treasure." this year has more than 2 years old, that can communicate with it when the chicken is very small. Wei Lianfen said: "as long as I carry the bucket feeding, it will follow me, then I will give it this name, magic is a long time, it seemed to understand, I call its name, it will" is "a response to the sound of me, and then walked over to me." Later, Wei Lianfen went to feed, will shout "treasure balls", holding it. "I think it is like a dog, I will chat with it, ask it to eat no, good mood". Not only have the "treasure balls", Wei Lianfen also raised a "cherry", "chicken Doll", "samba"…… Wei Lianfen said: "the ‘Samba’ love ‘Dance’, a morning call it, it will come with me to dance." Not only that, Wei Lianfen told reporters that it’s chicken and her cat, dog harmony, and even Wei Lianfen will hold her chickens at night to sleep. When a reporter asked about the views of others, Wei Lianfen replied: some people say that I am raising chickens is not normal, talking to the chicken. But these chickens in my eyes, like the children." Chicken fast 5 years, Wei Lianfen back to Urumqi, the longest time of not more than 7 days, as long as in the farm, she will personally feed her every day, the children, and her pet chicken talk. Wei Lianfen told reporters, of course, not all chickens相关的主题文章: