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Xinjiang telephone and Internet users are required to register the true identity of the information to be implemented next month – the new network of autonomous telephone and Internet users real identity information registration regulations, the press conference. Wang Xiaojun photo Beijing, Urumqi, September 30, September 30th, (reporter Wang Xiaojun) reporter from the Xinjiang people’s Congress held a press conference was informed that Xinjiang next month to implement telephone and Internet user name system. The autonomous region of the telephone and Internet user identity information registration and management regulations of Xinjiang twelve session of the Standing Committee for consideration by the twenty-fourth meeting of the "" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") started the implementation in October 1st. The "Regulations" of 28, the Xinjiang telephone and Internet user identity information registration scope, procedures, requirements, information protection and telephone and Internet users, telecom operators and Internet service providers in violation of this Ordinance shall bear the legal responsibility. The director of the Xinjiang people’s Congress is yoriki? Sen pointed out that to fully understand the formulation of the "Regulations" the importance of the formulation of the "Regulations" has important practical significance to maintain social stability and long period of stability in Xinjiang, Xinjiang people’s Congress to provide strong legal protection of major initiatives to achieve the overall goal, major initiatives to strengthen the network and under the new situation information security, improve social governance capacity modernization level. Are we? Sen stressed that the main content to accurately understand and grasp the "Regulations", to promote the "Regulations" learning propaganda and implementation. Xinjiang at all levels of state organs, social organizations and enterprises, especially the communication departments, Internet related departments, all kinds of telecom operators, Internet service providers and their agents, the community and the people of all nationalities have the regulations learning promotion and implementation as an important responsibility, conscientiously do a good job of telephone and Internet user identity information the registration of all aspects of the work, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of all aspects, to promote the healthy development of the autonomous region of telecommunications and Internet industry. Are we? Sen requirements, people’s congresses and their standing committees at all levels should conscientiously fulfill the constitutional and legal powers, carry out supervision according to law, conduct supervision and inspection timely for the "Regulations" of the implementation of the "Regulations" and ensure that all regulations in the administrative area of the right. On the implementation of the "Regulations", the people’s Government of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region vice president Zhu Changjie requirements, effectively enhance the sense of political responsibility and historical mission, to further strengthen the telephone and Internet users true identity registration and understanding, establish efficient collaborative work mechanism, the formation of the implementation of the "Regulations" of the work force, intensify the fight against identity theft, against the legitimate rights and interests of the telephone and Internet users efforts. (end)相关的主题文章: