You want to find a fairyland in the world, may be in Norway – Sohu travel vy canis majoris

You want to find a fairyland, probably in the Norway tourism Sohu in northern Norway in the sea, there is a group of islands – bead chain like – Lofoten islands. On the island of Moskenes, there is a small village with a low profile. There are mountains, there is water, quiet picturesque. Here, known as "the most beautiful village in Norway". The glacier carved from the island, beautiful Xuefeng uprooted sea, mountain flowers everywhere, the cabin cabin is quiet before the tiny spots, the vast sea, colorful, it looks like a fairyland. This is the ideal place for photographers, but also a good heart for travelers. Here, there is a Reinebringen mountain waiting for you to conquer. This mountain is more than having known beauty, it also makes people think of climbing difficulty, many tourists are here to challenge the steep route. Once there, from the top of the hill overlooking the scenery and will make you feel worthwhile. Or, you can follow the fishermen, go fishing. Experience the only living of the old village, enjoying the pleasures of self-sufficiency in the silent world. With the triumph of fishing, add a unique taste for dinner. One day, the sea, to see the Seahawks and whale, boarded the uninhabited island, look at once fishing village ruins. If the physical good, each a canoe, swim in the Fjord, have beautiful scenery, slowly stopped, for the moment of the scenery, this time you leave some good memories. Yes, here is the thunder ne (Reine). If you love the sparsely populated land of idyllic beauty, remember to add it to your travel itinerary. Attention to us, find more fun in the nordic. Nordic Tourism相关的主题文章: