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Zhang Linpeng responded to Lippi for the national football competition following rumors regression confidence – Sohu   China sports; national football in the World Cup qualifiers draw after Iran, won the first points of the first two games, Chinese team performance, let the fans see confidence and hope. During the national football football athletes, for the rest, Guangzhou Hengda active fullback Zhang Linfan, opened a live guest TV people interact with fans talk about those things in the foot. During the live broadcast, Zhang Linpeng said that the top 12 people have come up with confidence, will be getting better and better. On the back of the game, Zhang Linpeng also showed confidence. World Cup qualifier 12 strong defense is the key to the follow-up game is confident that the current national foot game has come to the last moment, the players will be set at the key target of the top six. Zhang Linfan said the opponents are very strong, need a Sike, each to fight to the end. 12 strong two rounds before the game, in the face of strong South Korea and Iran, the results of the country is a negative one flat. The first match against South Korea, Zhang Linfan in his not very familiar with the position, although the stance, echoed up and down there have been some problems, but at the back echo done better, it also enhances the players confidence for the next game. The face of rumors Lippi return to replace current Hengda coach Scolari Zhang Linpeng replied: "there are reports that Lippi, also said Hiddink, but now too early to discuss, the results will come out at the end of the year, to play a good game. Scolari is a good old man, I admire the most is what he said, he will always know what we need to know how to inspire us." Zhang Linpeng’s injury is expected to recover as soon as possible, the state of the body is always the most concerned about the problem. Prior to this, Zhang Linpeng due to the rupture of the posterior cruciate ligament of the knee, trained more than six months. Today, every day, every game, Zhang Linpeng need to do rehabilitation training. Injury has not healed, a walk on the sting. The second half of the match against Iran in the last game, Zhang Linpeng suffered a knee injury caused by pain, always adhere to the end of the game. The impact of injury on their own state is still very large, from the end of 2014 so far, Zhang Linfan’s greatest desire is to reduce the pain, in the back of the 7 round of the state of the body can be restored to peak. When talking about his life, Zhang Linfan’s face was filled with a happy smile. His baby son is now 2 years old, and his birthday is very special, in September 1st, he said that this time is very good, because every year in September 1st, just his birthday. Due to work reasons, Zhang Linpeng rarely have time to accompany his son around, missed the time of his son’s growth, for a father, is a great regret. He said that if his son is interested in football in the future, he will personally cultivate children, the future of Chinese football out of a force. Is life, fight. Fifteen years of waiting, do not give up hope, hope to be able to advance to the top six, and finally out of Asia, and then a round World Cup dream! Come on, Zhang Linpeng! Refueling, China’s foot!相关的主题文章: