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Zhao Gang: "new Qing history" to "Hanization" that is far from enough – Sohu culture channel Wen Tianxiang Zhao Gang appeared in the Qing Dynasty Central Plains and is not a simple "conquer" process. After entering the Qing Dynasty includes two aspects: one is the "New Guinea, the history of the Qing Dynasty" are concerned about this and more; but on the other side, as well as for the policy of the Ministry of Chinese. We should not only see the people how to "conquer" China, but also to see how to "understand" Chinese han. In the minds of people in the Qing Dynasty, Han is not seen as a "conquer" dynasty. For the people, the core identity is derived from the Confucian tradition of the dynasty identity. The Confucian tradition includes two parts: one part is the same "by", such as patriarchal clan system ethics; a part is variable, is the "right" dressing system. The relationship between parent-child relationship, ethics that cannot be changed, but as for what to wear, what to wear a hat can be changed. After the replacement of the old Dynasty, the new dynasty had to change. The families after entering the Qing Dynasty, it was pointed out that the problem is not "braid Sinocentrism", but "old and new change". Zhao Gang stressed that the Confucian tradition is very important, it gives the Han and Manchu provide a reason: why should we accept such a thing? On the second point, Zhao Gang believes that this phenomenon is also common in other countries and regions in the world. For example, until 1870s, the French farmers basically do not have the so-called French consciousness". When the French attacked Germany in eighteenth Century, the Germans did not have the so-called "German consciousness", and even some of the Germans helped France to attack another part of the germans. Zhao Gang concluded, we must reflect on some mistakes caused by early nationalism in twentieth Century after entering Chinese understanding. Shen Weirong: a global history is the deconstruction of the Tsinghua University professor Shen Weirong believe that the nation, all true history is contemporary history, each scholar’s academic works reflect the nature of the content with a personal biography. He though I do not study the "new history", but also to maintain close attention. He quoted the 60 anniversary of onled Research Center was established at the Harvard University Fei Zhengqing speech on "new Qing history" research contents summarized into three points: one is to find the sub dimensions under the Manchuria; two is the advocate of the use of non Chinese sources; the three is to pay attention to the context of global history. A sub dimension, Shen Weirong proposed: when we use the "guinea", should consider it a modern concept generation? In consideration of "sub dimensions", "new Qing history" whether only consider the relationship between Qing Dynasty and Guinea, while ignoring the before Qing Chinese Guinea and ancient relationship? The so-called "sub dimension", whether there should be limits on time and space? He cited an example, before the students had talked with him about the emperor Qian Long, very believe in Tibetan Buddhism, so that differences in the reign of Manchuria and Han ruling. But Shen Weirong questioned: the Yongle Emperor belief of Tibetan Buddhism a little better than the emperor, it is not meant to the Ming Dynasty is a Eurasian Empire? "New Qing history" noticed a relationship between the rule of Manchuria and Tibetan Buddhism, but as a bodhisattva.相关的主题文章: