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Zhaotong: Zhenxiong to carry out "cadre theme activities – Yunnan channel — people.com.cn in Zhenxiong County of poverty alleviation in two to learn a" learning education as a carrier to carry out "cadre theme practice comprehensively, help people out of poverty. Zhenxiong County comprehensive organization to carry out the "six" series of activities carried out by a study, a discussion, tell a good dangke, do a self-examination, the implementation of a number of services, to convene a meeting of democratic life, to further strengthen the Party cadres ideals and beliefs, strengthen grassroots cadres and workers "earthy, hard sweat, take the lead in the heart of the masses of human touch, prompting you to master the method of" top design, planning, integration of resources, scientific execution "," burst responsible, responsible and responsible, good at really responsible for the work of passion. The county focuses on the improvement of leading cadres "not thinking about work, dare to take responsibility, unwilling to be responsible, inaction, slow as" and other issues, through strict evaluation of advanced persons, urging latecomers. At the same time, carry out the "two to two" (than progress, than breakthrough, watch features, watch highlights) activities, create a competition atmosphere, the incentive to become "leading cadres four cadres. At the same time, Zhenxiong county to create a bold and make the training and selection of cadres selection and use of the "four" leading cadres use mechanism, strict management, leading cadres training and selection of 3 mark, the implementation of township cadres to important county departments and county departments to the township cadres attachment to the key positions of attachment "two-way attachment" system. The "four" as an important criterion for investigation and evaluation of cadres, cadres, strict inspection, appointment of motion program, put the "four", together with the elected cadres. The catalytic role in striving for "four" cadres under the theme of practical activities, the county cadres and workers around the goal to carry out poverty alleviation work, obvious effect. Statistics show that in the county to promote the implementation of the housing construction, infrastructure improvement, industry training, livelihood security, ecological construction in poverty out of poverty villages in 5 key construction projects, to resettle the 4828 housing construction started, the completion of the main 2013 households, 27 households moved into new homes; the implementation of 12907 level D the renovation of dilapidated buildings, has completed 7368; start the old revolutionary base of poor households housing projects 1456 households, the implementation of the 102 thousand and 627 people drinking water to strengthen the promotion of skills training project; 36614; county finance invested 1 million yuan, the integration of social poverty alleviation funds 1 million 600 thousand yuan to set up a special student aid fund, solve the problem of the school children of poor families; to start the implementation of the 104 thousand acres of farmland to forest engineering, focus on the development of economic forest. (reporter Cheng Zhongxu Cheng Hong Cai Houyou) (Xu Qian, Sheng Yu wood: commissioning editor)

昭通:镇雄开展争做“四有”干部主题活动–云南频道–人民网 镇雄县在脱贫攻坚中以“两学一做”学习教育为载体,全面开展争做“四有”干部主题实践活动,助力群众脱贫致富。 镇雄县全面组织开展“六个一”系列活动,通过开展一轮学习、组织一期研讨、讲好一堂党课、做好一次自查、落实一批服务、召开一次民主生活会等,进一步坚定党员领导干部理想信念,增强广大干部职工“深入基层的泥土味、带头拼搏的汗水味、心系群众的人情味”,促使大家不断掌握“顶层设计、规划引领、整合资源、科学执行”的工作方法,迸发“勇于负责、敢于负责、善于负责、真能负责”的工作激情。 该县着力整治领导干部“不思考工作、不敢担当、不愿负责、不作为、慢作为”等问题,通过严格考评褒奖先进者、鞭策后进者。同时,深入开展“两比两看”(比进度、比突破,看特色、看亮点)活动,营造比拼氛围,激励广大领导干部争做“四有”干部。 同时,镇雄县创建了大胆培养造就和选拔使用“四有”干部的领导干部选拔使用机制,严把领导干部培养、选拔、管理3道关口,实行乡镇干部到重要县直部门挂职、县直部门干部到乡镇关键岗位挂职的“双向挂职”制度。把“四有”要求作为考察、评价干部的重要标准,严格干部选拔动议、考察、任用等程序,切实把“四有”干部选出来、用起来。 在争做“四有”干部主题实践活动的催化作用下,全县干部职工围绕目标全力开展脱贫攻坚工作,成效明显。统计数据显示,全县在今年脱贫出列的贫困村重点实施推进的住房建设、基础改善、产业培训、民生保障、生态建设5大工程建设中,易地扶贫搬迁的4828户住房建设全部启动,主体完工2013户、迁入新居27户;实施12907户D级危房改造,已完工7368户;启动革命老区特困户安居工程1456户,实施了10.2627万群众饮水巩固提升工程;开展技能培训36614人;县财政出资100万元、整合社会扶贫资金160万元设立助学帮扶基金,专项解决贫困家庭子女就学问题;启动实施10.4万亩退耕还林工程,集中连片发展经济林。(成忠绪 程洪 记者 蔡侯友) (责编:木胜玉、徐前)相关的主题文章: