Zhejiang a car deliberately knocked down the owner of the car motorcycle and sped away suspected of kamikaze love

Zhejiang A car deliberately knocked down the owner of the car motorcycle and sped away suspected of being the owner of the car were beaten up human being "human" netizens "to be fair" because the home team, this car license plate in A Wulingzhiguang owners, by netizens "human" out. Through the friends of the human flesh search, the owner of the vehicle information, ID number, address, phone number and even photos and other information, have been disclosed. Director of a car license, registration place, Xiaoshan Guali town. Many users call the owner’s phone number requires a fair, the number of mobile phone holders on the machine yesterday, until yesterday afternoon, when the money newspaper reporter is still in a state of power off. After that, users began to send text messages to the number, some text messages are required to apologize to the owner, and some directly open the curse. This is not finished, because the address is also out of the flesh, and soon there are friends of the organization spontaneously, in the evening of October 6th to go to a fair. Yesterday morning, more users will a man was beaten black and blue picture of a a. The police have been involved in the investigation of the incident is not around the high-speed Hangzhou friends who rub the hand? Not so. Yesterday, the money newspaper reporter consulted the Xiaoshan public security, police have confirmed that these photos were shot, from an old video screenshot. Is a car thief was arrested after the current, the car took the initiative, and this incident has nothing to do with. At noon yesterday, claiming to find several last night driver moyou also made a circle of friends that night, they did not find the driver. Hangzhou high-speed traffic police also confirmed that, from the video point of view, the accident is not around the highway Hangzhou. But in any case, driving this car Wuling light passenger car driver, why do you make such a dangerous behavior, you owe you an explanation. Currently, police and traffic police have been involved in the investigation. The police also called for users to reason calmly through legal channels to deal with this matter. If this happens in Hangzhou high-speed penalty if such a situation occurs in Hangzhou expressway, the driver will be punished? Money newspaper reporter consulted a high-speed traffic police detachment of Hangzhou police. The police officer said, first of all to be reminded that, according to the relevant laws and regulations in Zhejiang Province, motorcycles are not allowed on the high-speed, if there is no entry on a high-speed motorcycle was found, in violation of the ban on signs 100 for a record 3 points. For the video in Wuling Automobile deliberately do not turn the motorcycle, high-speed traffic police think may be suspected of competing with others, generally can be held criminally responsible for the crime of dangerous driving, how to punish have according to the situation. Of course, there is a possibility that the accident does not occur at high speed, but in the ordinary state (province) road. Then, it is necessary to determine whether the violation of the motorcycle ban signs, break the ban travel. Like the Hangzhou city is also prohibited motorcycles. As for the van’s punishment, it can still be held criminally responsible for the crime of dangerous driving.相关的主题文章: