Zhejiang audit found that the amount of violation of 4 billion 946 million yuan was investigated for mmhouse

Zhejiang audit found irregularities amount of 4 billion 946 million yuan 21 people were prosecuted for criminal responsibility, yesterday, the twelve NPC Standing Committee listened to the thirty-third meeting of the audit work report of the provincial government "on the 2015 annual provincial budget implementation and other financial revenues of the province". The report shows that from July 2015 to June 2016, the province’s audit organs of the organization to complete the audit and audit investigation found irregularities project 2836, the amount of 4 billion 946 million yuan, the amount of 742 million yuan loss, management does not regulate the amount of 156 billion 122 million yuan; audit the penalty amount of 21 billion 229 million yuan, the implementation of the transfer processing staff of 136 people, of which shall be investigated for criminal responsibility of 21 people, party and government discipline dispose of 31 people. Part of the public funds issued by the illegal subsidies to subordinate units to pass the audit report on the cost of the bus, we are more concerned about one of the three funds. The report on the 26 departments of public expenditure expenditure of public funds, the implementation of the budget department of the 3 departments, the economic responsibility of the leading cadres of the 6 departments of the audit, found some problems. Strict implementation of public expenditure system. Is the main problem of Nonferrous Metal Geological Exploration Bureau of subordinate units to borrow or association of vehicles, 14 units of the bus management costs passed on, falsifying oil fees, maintenance management is not strict, involving an amount of 2 million 830 thousand yuan; the budget of strict examination and approval, implementation of standards, to subordinate units are pharmaceutical costs passed on Economic Development Conference and training centers and other 13 units, involving an amount of 2 million 340 thousand yuan. There are a number of illegal subsidies issued by Department units. Is the payment of benefits to cash coupons, card, illegal payment of transportation subsidies, subscription fees, fees, the reward of overtime, communications fees. Affordable housing projects part does not meet the conditions for families to enjoy the treatment of illegal affordable housing projects, the return of Zhejiang, is a major feature of the town and other national and provincial policy, the implementation of the provincial audit department of audit policy. In the province’s affordable housing project tracking audit found that the housing project construction management is not standardized, there are some families do not meet the conditions of housing security violations enjoy treatment. 37 counties of 261 households of household income and housing security object of false information, cheat housing security benefits. Among them, the housing subsidy 2 million 980 thousand yuan monetary fraud, defrauding affordable housing Shiwupeizu (sale) of the 218 sets. The main reason for this situation is the asymmetric information, the relevant departments of the audit lax. That Zhejiang return to obtain financial assistance after a few items of business venturing innovation support cancellation policy implementation and return project landing in the audit, a return project quality is not high. Return of the project in the survey involved a total of 8606, due to changes in the market and other reasons, there are 369 projects registered has not started construction or not to conduct normal business activities; checks Hangzhou 546 was recognized as an innovative talents of science and technology projects, currently only 87 companies hold patents or R & D investment. A small number of projects to receive financial subsidies.相关的主题文章: