Zhejiang University Students expose three yuan scam follow up beatings of female cheats detained for-iptd-651

Zhejiang University Students expose "three yuan fraud" follow-up: beatings female liar detained for 15 days early in the morning of October 5th, Zhejiang university student Wang Yang (pseudonym) met the "three yuan fraud" in the Hangzhou train station, Wang Yang debunk these crooks, discourage other passengers do not give money, the deception officers beating on the ground, the head 3 sewing needle. Yesterday, hit women have been arrested by the police. Pay attention to WeChat public number "ID:dazhejiaoyu", reply "entry intelligence", you can get "young rise small", "small rise early", "high school entrance examination" "college entrance examination" the latest information, help children study without worry! You can join the big Zhejiang Parents Association, QQ group number: 556020647, at present, hit women have been Hangzhou railway police administrative detention for 15 days, and fined 500 yuan. The woman surnamed sun, born in 1981, Anhui, staying at the train station nearby. It is understood that the woman had repeatedly committed crimes at the east railway station, many times being arrested, many times fine. In addition, the situation of the women’s accomplices, the police have also mastered, is further tracking. The report was published, the community responded enthusiastically. Many netizens expressed their admiration for the bravery of Zhejiang university students. They all expressed that they had experienced similar deception, and some netizens didn’t realize the news until they saw the report. @ amorous feelings: the last time I met that said, borrow 4 yuan, and then I think 4 yuan also forget, when I paid, he said it was 44 yuan. @ Xiao: I have the same experience, but did not dare to expose, gave money to know that the liar, but dare not go to, and admire this guy. @ZSJ: last November, I was in the same situation, and now I’m going to meet a cheater. @ enlightenment: the heart is suspected to be a liar, but if it is someone who has trouble, so a lot of time will give money, I gave two times. In addition to the lack of money to buy tickets, netizens also exposed the roadside money, buy a ticket home, hungry want to buy food and many other similar scams. Hangzhou East Railway Station police station Zhuang Xin told Qian newspaper reporters, this group of fraud gang has been the target of Hangzhou railway police, iron police will continue as always. From the data, this cheat train station police station every month, two or three people in administrative detention, punishment of many people, but there are a lot of people "crimes against the wind", incorrigible. At the east railway station police station "Acquaintances list", at least has retained 50 related personnel information. Zhuang Xin told the money newspaper reporter: "the train station police station 8 police station, 18 security zone, subway linkage and other related personnel, from morning to night will not conduct regular patrols, more 24 hours of video surveillance; this greatly reduced their activities in space and time. Now they don’t dare to act during the day, but 5 a.m. to 7, and after 9 pm, these two periods are still very active." Zhuang Xin said that the train station is very large, they are monitoring can pay attention to is the familiar faces, and this group of people will dress up, liquidity is very strong, not only that, there are other. So passengers need to cooperate with the strike: "all at the railway station to buy money, do not give money.". In the case of similar situations, to provide alarm clues, convenient police tracking investigation."

浙大学生揭“三元骗局”后续:打人的女骗子拘留15天 10月5日凌晨,浙大学生王扬(化名)在杭州火车东站遇到“三元骗局”,王扬现场揭穿这些骗子,劝阻其他乘客不要给钱,结果被行骗人员殴打在地,头部缝了3针。昨天,打人女子已被警方抓获。关注微信公众号“升学情报局”(ID:dazhejiaoyu),回复“升学情报”即可获得“幼升小”“小升初”“中考”“高考”最新信息,助力孩子升学无忧!还可加入大浙家长会,QQ群号:556020647目前,打人女子已经被杭州铁路警方行政拘留15天,并罚款500元。女子姓孙,1981年生,安徽人,暂住在火车东站附近。据了解,该女子曾经在火车东站多次作案,多次被抓,多次罚款。另外该女子同伙的情况警方也已经掌握,正在进一步追查中。报道见报后,社会反响热烈。很多网友对浙大学生的勇敢之举表示敬佩之外,都表示曾经历过相似骗局,有的网友直到看了报道才恍然大悟。@风情:上次遇到的那个说借4元,然后我想4元么也算了,我掏钱的时候他说是44元。@萧:我有同样的遭遇但是没敢揭穿,给了钱之后才知道是骗子,但是不敢去要了,好佩服这个小伙子。@ZSJ:去年11月份,我也碰到同样的情况,现在想来大概也是遇到骗子了。@悟道:心里其实怀疑是骗子,但是又怕真的是有人有困难,所以很多时候会给钱的,我就给了两次。除了缺钱买票,网友们还揭露了路边缺钱买票回家、饿了想买口饭吃等多种相似骗局。杭州东站派出所庄欣告诉钱报记者,这伙诈骗团伙一直是杭州铁路警方打击的对象,铁警也会一如既往地持续下去。从数据来看,这类骗子火车东站派出所每个月都会行政拘留两三人,处罚多人,但也有不少人“顶风作案”、屡教不改。在火车东站派出所“熟人名单”里,至少已经留存了50个相关人员的资料信息。庄欣告诉钱报记者:“火车东站派出所有8个民警、18个保安联动东站管委会、地铁等相关人员,从早上到晚上都会不定时进行巡逻,更有24小时视频监控;这样极大压缩了他们的活动空间、时间。现在他们白天是不敢行动,但是凌晨5点到7点,晚上9点之后这两个时间段,还是很活跃。”庄欣说,火车东站很大,他们在监控里能注意到的也就是“熟面孔”,而这群人除了会乔装打扮,流动性还很强,不仅如此,还有放风的。所以需要乘客一起配合打击:“凡是在火车站要钱买票的,都不要给钱。在遭遇类似情况时,提供报警线索,方便警方跟踪排查。”相关的主题文章: